Manga Update Review: One Piece 701

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

One Piece 701

Yosh, the team are arrive at Dressrosa, the country of love, passion, and toys. I can say, for this chapter, it was an introduction of Dressrosa – The people, the foods, the culture, etc. I guess, because there was no major progress, I’ll just point out what happen for this time around.

Ok, let’s see what happen:

  1. The Straw Hat + Law + Kinemon + Monosoke landed at Dressrosa’s coast. The captain sure energetic like usual to the point he wanted to ride Monosuke the Dragon (Well, you all know Luffy). But, I find something interesting or it might be nothing at all, It seems like Kinemon was some kind of royal family hence what was Monosuke was shouting at Luffy “Then I will … become the shogun of Wanokuni” Kinomon even shout at him. As if trying to stop him from speaking something. (Well, like I said, I might be over analyzing things). Kinemon also reminds me of the zombie samurai that took Brook’s shadow. They were from the same kingdom, I presume. And the sword Kinemon argue with Zorro was the sword he took from his fight with that zombie samurai.
  2. The classic One Piece map made appearance (I imagined if it was an anime, we’ll definetly see it like a game map to explain their current whereabout). Law also give them Vivre Card that points to Zou Island (If anyone wonder where Law’s crewmates, they were at Zou Island). They’re going to use the card when the thing didn’t go as they planned.
  3. Next, divide the group. Our protagonists have three main duties. First, give Caesar back. The team for this one consists of Robin, Law, and Ussop. This group consist of two smart  people and one sniper (or more appropriately, one scaredy cat. hehe) Second, Protect Sunny. The ones for this works are Monosuke, Nami, Brook, and Chopper. Well, this group quite dependable since all of them have power. Third, factory destruction and samurai rescue team by Luffy, Zorro, Sanji, Franky, and Kinemon. Eh, this one, how should we put it. all of them definitely the strongest but … I don’t know, let’s just see them in action first. I always love how Oda Sensei divide the group. Even when he put all the weakest together (Nami, Ussop, and Chopper in Thriller Bark), in the end everything seems just fine.
  4. The fourth definitely the description of Dressrosa. A country where love, passion, and toys live side by side in somewhat harmony (Their king resign, but the city looks calm).
  5. The last, new guy made an appearance. He’s a blind Ojiisan that can make one big hole but still appearing weak. Quite interesting. My guest, he’s the marine that Akainu ask to go to Dressrosa last week or maybe the Shichibukai they were talking about, or maybe none of them. Well, let’s just wait fo the next progress.

One Piece plot had been going smoothly from the start. So, if you are familiar with One Piece Arc storyline, you probably can guess what happen next. But, it always interesting to read, of course! See you all on Chapter 702.

Thanks for reading 🙂