One Piece is Better Than Naruto?

Actually I come across this question while I’m trying to find out what people think about these two great mangas. I read most of the opinion and agree and disagree on some. Want to drop my own two cent on this matter on that thread but too lazy to make an account and I’m afraid my two cent will be a million, so lets just put it here since it was so lonely.

A little bit warning! Everything you read below will be all my personal opinion, preference and statement and since adducing opinion is one of the basic human rights (I think), please free to state otherwise but please keep every discussion (If there’s any) in civil and polite manner.  Oh one more thing, I’m not a native English speaker so please pardon if you happen to find misspelled words or wrong grammar. Thank you 🙂

Okay, first of all, for your information, I read both One Piece and Naruto, from the start till the recent (for Naruto, it’s the end) I watch the anime for both and skip filler. I’ll just talk about the manga though since it was the ultimate canon. Both are great manga but to me One Piece is the best.

So, like I said, I write this after I read some people’s opinion about One Piece and Naruto and one of them being “Naruto has more good and deep stories” (something like that). Honestly it surprised me when I read this kind of comment, I was like



I must have a say in this, since the story telling/plot is my top reason for putting One Piece above any manga. I think people who stated Naruto has a lot more deep story/plot than One Piece, definitely didn’t/never follow/read One Piece as a whole. And if it is so, that kind of judgmental statement isn’t right, right?  They probably just skipping things in manga or watch the anime partly. Because I think people who follow One Piece from the star until now will know best how amazing Oda built its plot. An example for me, Dragon, Luffy’s father. We first met him in Logue Town, where Luffy first set off. I seriously thought he was a bad guy eventhough he help Luffy. And following One Piece after that, I actually almost forgot that that guy was exist then Oda reveal that he was actually Lufffy’s father at the end of Water Seven saga, which is after a lot of chapters and other developments. One more example is Robin. When the Arabasta Arc ended, never cross my mind that Robin could be one of the Straw Hat crew. Then come her flashback stories that connected to ultimate weapon any many other.

I love how Oda delivers it because it doesn’t have this kind of a thrown-out-off-nowhere-facts feels to it not like a lot of fact revealed on Naruto (The recent world war? anyone?). In One Piece, when there was a big issue revealed, mostly it was mentioned before, way way chapters before. It kinda make me “Oh, so that’s how it is?” and in Naruto, most of the time it made me goes “Eh, why it suddenly comes to this?”

As of now, One Piece has reach 769 chapters and there’s still a lot more mystery un revealed (The ‘D’, World Government, bad marines goal, the destructive weapon, Roger past, One Piece treasure, etc) I put my trust in Oda he would never pass any of this matter without full epic/step by step explanation. And this is my ultimate reason why I chose One Piece as my no 1 favorite. When you read the synopsis or only the first half of the manga, you’ll be like, “Oh, it just the usual adventure manga with predictable arc (help people, defeat the annoying bad guy etc) but like I said, if you want to give a fair judgment, read it as whole, from the start to recent one. I don’t know, I dare you to do that and say One Piece plot is suck etc. I only say this because I also read Naruto (as a whole, from start till end).

I honestly love Naruto before shipudden and first half of shippuden (I think I got fed up when the ‘hatred’ matter got the spotlight. I like Naruto as much as I like Luffy. I take the pre shippuden Naruto as role model. I mean, I love his whole attitude of being a talentless boy work hard to be acknowledge. How he never give up and how he stand on his Ninja way etc. I even made the ost. as my life ost, help me a lot during my high school. I really look up to him at that time but after shippuden, when he so focus on ‘bring back Sasuke no matter what’ (I know, to Naruto, cannot save your friend means unqualified to be Hokage) but, I don’t know how or why, the feeling isn’t the same anymore, I don’t know what to look up anymore (this just personal opinion though).

as for One Piece and Luffy, until now the feeling never change and the interest is always there. Yes, One Piece is more arc-ly and the end is predictable (Luffy owns the big boss) if you read it half-ly, but are’n all the main heroes owned the big boss? and if you read all of the arc wholly, One Piece arc actually always connected, it is devised to reveal the secret little by little (Gold Roger, the ultimate weapon, One Piece etc) and in my opinion they were all led to the big war (Marine vs Pirates/world government) and at the end probably One Piece treasure.

in Naruto, I always can see how he’ll become hokage, how he can make everyone around him inspire with his way of Ninja. For Luffy, I know he’ll become a pirate king in awesome way. Make his name and crew known island by island, gather his crew and gain friends and enemy arc by arc with power, word, and attitude. We can’t compare them in this area though since they are a very different story line. But since Naruto series has met it’s end, I can say, the journey is not as awesome as I imagine. If only all the reason/enemy for Naruto last big war, somehow reveal little by little in any way possible in earlier chap and not as rushed as it is now, I probably won’t be this dissaponted or if Kishimoto sensei could make some little arc that shows Naruto is an awesome Hokage, than just a peaceful epilog. But all in all these just an opinion.

for characterization too. for me, One Piece is still in Upper hand in this. Honestly, manga with a lot of character and new one thrown here and there, is not to my taste. I totally made exception for One Piece. I don’t know how to do it, One Piece has a lot more character than Naruto (For me) and threw a lot more new characters (in every arc) but I never feels that the manga is full of character and throw in out of nowhere just like *cough* Bleach *cough* Naruto *cough*. Yes, there’s probably dozens of character in every arc in One Piece but somehow some of them probably have connection from the past arc. Take Arlong in the early chap. We hear a little about the fishman island there. Later on we have Tom in Water Seven and introduced with Jinbei. Then comes the fishman Island and Oda didn’t forget to connect the incident in fishman island with arlong which I probably forget if they didn’t mention.  This works for everyone in One Piece. Any character play a part and purposes, they’re not just an in and out character. Once their in, they never out. I never expected, Norman the Liar (I’m not sure it was the name, to lazy to look up), the person who found Jaya island will be brought back again in Dressrosa. I think everything is connected. The awesome thing is, the hint is all over but we cannot see the whole picture before Oda sensei lets us.

Oh, I also read something like “there’s no one died in One Piece but Naruto is more real, since people died there”. I just can’t with this reasoning. Since when dead people count make this work better than that works? I don’t know bout other people but every time Luffy defeat the bad guy, never once I thought, he defeat them to dead. So seeing the defeated guy in a later arc, isn’t really surprise me honestly. And some even stated that Oda kills off Ace and White Beard to show that characters died in One Piece to. I mean seriously, do some people (if they actually read One Piece from the start till now) actually think Oda would kill off awesome character for that trivial reason. As far as know, character who still live in One Piece universe till now, still has a part play and those who died, their dead that play a part to story. For Ace to realize that a lot of people care for him, will die to save/protect him. For Luffy to make him stronger and as for White Beard, we see Black Beard to start his ere as being a yonkou.

And for the emotional story. Which some of manga lover stated One Piece has nothing. I cry more for One Piece than Naruto. I think I only shed tears on Jiraiya and Itachi’s dead (which is useless for the letter since they bring him from death – people like him the most) So, once again, I dare to say that people who claim this, seriously only read One Piece halfway or only watch the cut on youtube. I cry almost on everyone’s flashback. most of time the story is just about the same injustice story but it never fails to make me shed tear nevertheless. In the latest arc, when I though I got used to it, it still sad reading Corazon’s story. I mean, come on, when Robin said she wants to live, during Going Marry funeral, Usop depart and comeback to the crew, when Kuma separate the crew in Seabody, Ace’s death, etc. In my opinion, One Piece still owned this.
Ah, one more thing, which become my favorite in One Piece that (IN MY OPINION) still lack on Naruto. The friendship. Please argue with me on this matter. The bond between Luffy and his crew mate, the other character, heck even with the enemy, FOR ME, is a lot more stronger than thus Naruto with Sasuke and the other. In One Piece, every bonds is mutual. (a captain for the crew, vice versa). In Naruto everyone seems so One Sided. Sasuke —-> itachi/hatred/revenge. Sakura —–> Sasuke. Hinata/every good guy —-> Naruto —-> Sasuke = Hokage. I got fed up when this shown to much. Heck, often I even joke that they should change the tittle from ‘Naruto’ to ‘Sasuke’ (and ‘Bleach’ to “The Ultimate Ichigo’ lol where that come from). I love it when all rookie 9 (Shikamaru and the other) was so into protecting Naruto because it shows that among all, Naruto has finally worth that he actually made people likes him but he just all gung ho on Sasuke. I can totally see NaruSasu in yaoi but but the closer the bond in One Piece I can’t never picture them in yaoi or shoujo frame. Respect, loyalty, compassion, love, care, justice, love, are stronger in One Piece, in my opinion. Naruto has all these things too of course, it’s just Naruto —-> Sasuke overshadowed any other possible strong friendsippy. Like the one with Sai. After introducing as some one with problem of making real friend that finally what it means to have friend through Naruto, problem arises, I barely notice him even though he’s there.

But, there still one thing that Naruto has best than One Piece. The fights. It doesn’t mean One Piece fighting scene is bad. Not at all. It’s just I think, the fighting strategy in Naruto often make me awe like “wow, he actually think that way”. In One Piece, the character usually more powered up in strength. Haki was just cool for me.

For the art part, it’s actually relative. I like it, you might not. For these two mangas, I have no problem with both. So for conclusion, One Piece definitely has the best story telling/plot. Naruto might come in second. Mmm, no. I’ll put Hunter x Hunter right below One Piece, Hikaru no Go (it’s still shonen though, hehe), FMA (minus the last part), Samurai X, Gintama, Eureka 7, and etc (I seriously don’t know where to put Naruto and Bleach)

Well, I’m tired, so I think that’s all for now. Thank you for reading 🙂



Manga Update Review: Naruto 623

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Naruto 623

Today’s chapter was continuation from the last one (Of course it was, what I’m saying). With a little by little bit progress, I think this chap describe how Hashirama and Madara’s relationship was established. They share the same dream to achieve world of peace where kids don’t need to experience war. (I have the similar hope here buddy). Hashirama, eventhough just a mere wish, he really mean to make it. While Madara, I think, he didn’t seriously consider to make that world but wish for it too, thanks to Hashirama. (But of course, it was Naruto who actually change that selfish world created by the elders)

Back to hashirama and Madara, I love their friendship even much more than that of Naruto and Sasuke. They were real buddies – training buddies, venting buddies, rivalry buddies that share same burden and hope – well, you know what kind of buddies they are. I love Madara’s line about Hashirama. “I can understand you even without looking inside you, though … look at your hairstyle and clothes, you’re lame” See, they were close buddies (I wonder, what will Madara said when he saw Itarama hehe, sadly he was dead already). And what’s with that “Secret Taijutsu, Super Katon Genjutsu Cutting Big Shuriken Double Drop Technique” Hashirama Sama never cease to amaze me.

Seeing their meeting point now, where they always skipping stones, was the waterfall where they will fight later on, right? and the mountain they climbed together probably was the mountain where they carve the Hokage faces. And the scenery they were look out is going to be Konoha gakure. Such a simple dream by  simple kids (Madara’s smile looks like Naruto’s here).

Then there’s the adults. Arrogant and selfish adults (Now I know where Tobirama got his trait from). Telling a kid to betrayed his just for the sake of selfish war. Fortunately, those two kids are smart. While I thought how Hashirama going to deal with that kind of order, both of them treasure one another much to the point to tell each other to run (Those stones going to be  one of Naruto’s franchise from now on. hehe).

At the end of the chapter, once again we got to see how compatible Hashirama and Madara is. Even the structure of their family. They both have father and one brother left (They even knew each other name, damn famous shinobi). 

Is the little kid behind the older Uchiha, Madara’s only brother? Is it mean, that boy going to die in that fight? But remembering the past stories that the adult version of both Madara and Hashirama were the one who built the village, means that kid died later on. Or maybe I was wrong. Well, we’ll just have to wait.

And seeing the immortal Madara right now means he must love his brother so much to make him cross to the dark side. Gah, now I hope Madara can meet Hashirama one more time and fix their friendship.

For the last, I quite enjoy this chapter since Hashirama and Madara looks cute and their relationship just beautiful. So, I’ll just wait for whatever Kishimoto Sensei will bring next week.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Manga Update Review: Bleach 528, Naruto 622, One Piece 700, and Kuroko No Basket 203

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Sorry for missed the last week review. Real life problems got in the way. I’ll just compile all the review in one post because I won’t make a long shot review this time, just the point for each manga. (Bleach 528, Naruto 622, One Piece 700, and Kuroko No Basket)


For this one, if you’ve read my last post in Bleach 527, you’ll know I said, Bleach were going back to square one and lookie, Kubo actually did bring us back there. Back to the emo Ichigo (Gah, I’ve seen that enough already).

One thing for sure, I think this chap make all the IchiHime fangirl scream their pairing name out loud through the Ichiruki fandom. Well first, they got Inoue’s panel when Ichigo remember his friend and I bet they also happy when Ichigo mention Inoue’s name first. The second reason was probably the same old “Inoue resambles Ichigo’s mother” thought.

I won’t argue much about the panel thingy because Rukia usually got the same panel. So, do Kubo really intent to make Ichihime canon with this panel or is it only fanservice. (Only Kubo knows).  And for “Inoe looks like Ichigo’s mother”, well, in manga, looks is just a matter of mangaka’s style. One or more character usually has the same look with the other character. And please, that’s aside, even if they were similar to the bone, loving someone just because he/she looks like your dear person isn’t right, isn’t it? (I mean, you should love person for who they are). So, unless Kubo can write something convincing an subtle enough in regard of IchiHime, till then, FOR ME, they are not a canon pairing.

Okay, pairing matter aside. Some points I got from this chapter:

  • Ichigo’s rain pouring like, AGAIN.
  • I kind of miss something. Was Izumi telling Ichigo that she was her sister (I might got the translation wrong).
  • Ichigo’s father will tell the truth. I just wondering, why the right time is now? I mean, why not telling him when he lost his power after the fight with Aizen? Because Kubo wanted to? When your son telling you to tell all the secret when you feel like it, doesn’t mean you have to wait until he was depressed enough to run from house, right? That’s why I didn’t like this kind of set up.
  • Ichigo’s mother was a quincy. This isn’t surprise me at all. Somehow I already predicted this scenario. Then the next things Kubo Sensei  probably should connect is Aizen’s plotting from the start of the series (I got the feeling Aizen knows everything), Ishida’s father, Quincy annihilation, what make the quincy defies soul society from the start?, a probability that Soul society might have dark an awful secret, the reason why urahara and Isshin kicked out from Soul Society, an the recent Quincy invasion. Also, hopefully kubo somehow can connect the organization Ichigo got his power back after defeat Aizen (I forgot their name) because I hate that their power quite cool and mysterious but, there was further explanation about them (They look like a filler). If I know all this things, then I might get what bleach real plot is (Then it was the end of Bleach, I guess. hehe). Bleach definitely going to kick ass with their plot if kubo manage to connect this entire thing beautifully. (I miss Kubo Sensei plot twist).
  • And as for this chapter, I must say I’m a little disappointed. We’ve already come a long way and seeing Ichigo once again being depressed over not becoming Shinigami, made me sick. Really Kubo? Ichigo’s lose his power or being ridicule for not having power etc had been play out a lot, right? So why not make the main hero learn a bit from the past and instead running and get depressed by his current situation, isn’t better and show more character development if he just face his problem by meet his father eyes instead of running under the rain. Why it has to be his father who confront him (well, honestly I’m not too fond with the “I’ll tell you all the stories” kind of thing)

My statement above mostly just a mere suggestions. It is up to Kubo what he’s going to do with his manga, of course. Well, I guess will just have to wait where this “Ichigo’s root” will lead us to.


This one has no many progress, I think. Lets see. First, Hashirama is easily turn gloomy (That was so cute.(I say cute for funny things now)).

Second, we are introduced to senju family  –  A very cold and hard father, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Itarama (Itarama is the combination of the first and the second hence the hair. I mean, what the heck Kishimoto sensei? I know they were brothers but still, what’s with Itarama hairstyle. Maybe Kishimoto didn’t care that much since he won’t be long on Naruto. Haha, just saying).

It was quite sad seeing the little and the weakest one died first and by such a selfish war. We see here what Hashirama Sama wanted was peaceful Ninja World that can be achieved through agreement and negation not just stupid war that even sacrifice kids.

Third, have I told you, I love the old Madara. He were a nice and considerate kid. I love the panel when he force Hashirama to share his problem (Really, back then those kids are too funny together).

I only got those three point for this chapter (many pages didn’t guarantee many development, right). If there anyone who wants to add more, don’t hesitate to share :)! For now, lets just wait what’s on the next flashback.


Now onto one of my favorite, One Piece. This chapter mostly introduce new characters just by their name and some parts of their body (Marines, Sichibukai, and Doflamigo subordinate). Nice way to make us wondering.

I don’t know if the new guy is a really new character or just someone we already saw somewhere in the past chapters (Remember when Dragon revealed as Luffy’s father. We saw Dragon firs in Logue Town before they enter Green Line and we learn his name waaaaaay after. That’s one of the reasons why I love One Piece. Even after hundreds of chapters past, Oda never forget to bring them back in the future and not just as a side story but as the important one. That’s nice writing, right?).

And as I thought Kinemon will play some big part in this arc. I don’t know for how long. Whether it is until his mysterious nakama free or until Straw Hat VS Kaidou. And since it is One Piece we are talking about, everything is definitely worth waiting.

Beside the new characters coming up, I’m now also curious to see how strong the marines are under Akainu‘s command (well, the good marines still the same). Ah, I almost forgot. The Sichibukai. What sureprise me the most is, well you know, Buggi The Clown. What the heck, I thought Akainu was smart but after seeing Buggi there, I don’t know anymore (comedy is one of One Piece’s genre, of course).

I know he was there to replace Moria but, I think taking people shadows was scarier to face then someone who can split his body. Hey, maybe Buggy getting strong too after two years, who knows? This whole thing about Marines, Shicibukai, the Underworld and taking down one of the emperor look more serious and interesting now. Really, can wait to see that happen.

Next chapter, new adventure at Dressrosa. The confrontation between Straw Hat + Law VS Doflamingo Fraction. Can’t wait for that.


I haven’t do any review for this one since chapter 199. Well, one of the reasons was how draggy the match was. Waiting week after week saying Kuroko will stop Kise and the match will end but in the end just repeat the same technique and strategies was really disappointing. And honestly, I don’t like the end that much. It was lack of “WAW” factor (remember, this is my point of view).I won’t say much on this though.

Now what we are waiting for the next chapter on. First, continue from the latest chapter. Kuroko going to reveal Generation Of Mirecles past (I am waiting for this since first chapter. So, I’m excited). But, I did not like how Koroko was saying “I’m going to tell you the past of Kiseki No Sedai”. Like I said in my Bleach review. I didn’t like when some character wanted to tell a flashback the word they say “It’s time to tell you everything” or “I’ll tell you everything now” kind of thing.I think, it was the way writer deliver the past story that bother me. I PREFER something that we could deduce by ourselves.

The second thing we need to wait was  Seirin VS Teikou. I was wondering, is this match will become the last match for Kuroko No Basket? (Well, unless Seirin lose this match, that means they will make payback to Akashi in another championship. Or Kuroko might be extended for abroad game just like Captain Tsubasa). Whatever it is, I hope in the future, the match will me more exciting and breathtaking.

So, for the next chapters on, lets wait for some Generation Miracles backstories, some practice, some new techniques, and the the big match.

That was not too long, right? And I hope I can update my review as soon as the mangas updated tomorrow. Well, thank you for reading 🙂

Manga Update Review: Naruto 621

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Naruto 621

Hmm, so the title for this chapter was Hashirama and Madara  (I got this title from Eatmanga. I notice, each translation group usually has different tittle. So, please use which suit you). That means we got to focus on this two relationship, not only the fight. It was a pick up from the last chapter. We continue right from Hashirama and Madara fight. And honestly, from any point of view, I believe people will see Naruto and Sasuke’s reflections in those two (Madara and Hashirama).

Well, from the art point view, they mostly look alike. Personality wise for Hashirama and Naruto and Almost, personality and appearance wise for Madara and Sasuke. As I said last week, I could not read fighting panel really well. I guess it depends on the artist/mangaka (or, it’s only me who bad at reading them). But, at least, I still recognize an epic one, if there were. And I must tell you, even though it’s quite short, I think Hashirama VS Madara + Ten Tails (if I’m not mistaken) = Epic. (Trust me, my math quite useful for this kind of calculation, hehe).

In last week chap we can see some dragon wood from Hashirama and now his power had increase into Budha level (it lil’ bit remind me of Sengoku from One Piece). I love his Justsu, It gave me awe moment. And for madara, well, what do you expect from one of the strongest member of  Uchiha Clan. A genius Shinobi, of course. He could use Susano as sword. He looks more human here.

And, The Ten Tails (If I’m not mistaken. It was The Ten Tails, right?) I hope we can see this kind of epic fight with the ten tails in today war (its first appearance kinda disappointing me). At least, I hope we could see this when Naruto and Sasuke fight in the end (and I 100% sure there will be. Naruto Vs Sasuke, I mean. But, I’m not sure if the ten tails would take a part).

Then, when I thought Hashirama sama will tell us the answer, he ( I mean Kishimoto) brought us back waaaaaaay behind. Ah, what other thing we could expect for? chibi hashirama and madara (okay, that a bit too far for a flashback but, who care, they look cute. Haha)

I thought, they were friend from the same team (like Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi and Obito, Jiraiya and Orochimaru, etc). But, apparently they met as a stranger. But, it make sense I guess, since they were the one who create the world of shinobi. I haven’t know for sure what makes Madara turn evil. But, seeing from his expression when Hashirama mention “brother and nakama”, I guess the problem wasn’t far from that. He looks exactly like Sasuke.

Well, this chapter was good but Naruto as a whole cannot  depend on one chapter or one arc only to become an amazing work. And I think, even though this latest chapter was epic (and let me remind you, it was mainly because the Hokage‘s comeback and especially Hashirama’s epicness), having a long and draggy flashback in the middle of a war where many people died and the main hero spend all his strength and emotion, is kind of forced (at least, that’s what I think).

Because the chapter was too short, my review can’t be that long too, right? (I really hate a short flashback chapter. It was a flashback, what’s wrong making it a bit longer. Kishimoto sensei might be tired. I’m sorry sensei, please continue your hard-work and thank you for the update)

So, last sentence for this week chapter. Can wait to see what are there behind all this flashbacks. See you next week. Thanks for reading 🙂

Side note: Apparently the genius Uchiha clan was firstly beaten in rock skipping game. Now, that’s different from Naruto and Sasuke relationship so far. (When they were child, Sasuke always more inferior in many things than Naruto. But, I can’t say the same now, coz we haven’t seem all from Sasuke right now).

Manga Update Review: Naruto 620

Naruto 620

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

The old-good-epic-Naruto is back guys. Okay, lot of questions start this chapter. Let see, they are:

  • What is the village and shinobi?
  • Itachi killed his comrades and died protect the village, what is it exactly?
  • And shinobi who created all this, what are they?

Hmmm, I’m not so sure what all the pronouns refer to (I guess, It refers to village and shinobi) So sad, we didn’t get the answers in this chapter. (why-o-why the chapter was so short, leaving people hoping for more. That is manga marketing)

Sasuke needs to know all the answer before take a decision whether to take revenge on the leaf or … (What??? The second need to learn to let people finish their talk before lashing out with emotion). The second is a very grumpy guy, heh

And because the chapter was titled “Hashirama Senju”, that means let us all pay attention to this guy story. (Gah, the first was still his cute self as always).

As you all probably have read, the chapter was too short. So, I’ll just make a short recap for this time review.

Hmmm, like I said before, this chapter opened with question from Sasuke. Sasuke need to hear Hashirama answer before taking his decision. And as soon as The Second hear the word “revenge” on the leaf came out from Sasuke’s mouth, he turn into fighting mode. Then Sasuke and co. also turn into defending mode. And then, Hashirama turn himself into penetrating mode (hehe).

Let’s continue, shall we? Apparently, Hashirama’s penetrating mode quite scary, ne. Scary enough to the point making everyone aware of it, make the whole room crumble, and make The Second looks like the second (well, you know what I mean, right?). What a presence. And the amazing thing was, he still laugh it off and apologize. Being a hokage, means a real deal, ne?

After everyone calm a bit, Orochimaru told The First to tell the only thing Sasuke wants to know coz there is a war right now. All the hokages realized this and even Minato feel Naruto and kyubi chakra (wow, he know his son chakra?). The Second and Third want to help in the war. Orochimaru didn’t let them go of course, stating that he can control them with Edo Tensei. Orochimaru said that he is in Sasuke’s side (Is it me or Orochimaru treat Sasuke like a bacchan? Now I see why some people call him prince).

And the second being himself (rash as always) tried to go but apparently Orochimaru’s edo tensei was better coz he use Hashirama’s cell. Tobirama cannot move. But this not applied to our God of Shinobi of course. But, he stay and decided to tell Sasuke a bedtime story, um.. I mean to free Sasuke from his ill feeling (But… but… Hashirama sama, I think it’s Naruto’s job).

Then, the flashback begin. We see, Hashirama and Madara’s fight, some slice right here and there, some Grrrrrrrrrrr from the kyubi, some Mokuton  jutsu from The First, and then, history unveiled (well, next week). Btw, I’m not so sure about something on the last page. Was that Ucihas’s black flame? I cannot see clear enough in a fighting panel.

I don’t like flashback that much  but since it was kind of needed right now and I want to know as well, I think this one is okay (We got much more time with Hashirama as well). O one more thing. Is Namikaze Minato always this reserved? He didn’t talk much in these two chapters. (well, Naruto resamble only his father’s appearance). These hokage’s revival chapters are good opportunities to know all the hokages personalities more. I wonder, what will they think about Naruto when they see him (Please, Kishimoto sensei, make that happen).

Honestly, at this point, I really don’t know how Naruto’s gonna end. Is it Madara or Sasuke that will be the last opponent or not (Since all talks about how scary and strong the ten tails is, right now seems forgotten and apparently a bit disappointing). But I still sure that the history will repeat itself (Hashirama vs Madara = Naruto vs Sasuke). How the story take us there? We just need to wait and see.

I got much more to say. Unfortunately, I forgot. (That’s what lack of sleep give you). So I’ll just update it later.

Thanks 🙂