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I’ve been watching anime since my family TV first broadcasted it in my country. Aside from the story line side, the thing that attract me the most to watch anime is their heros a.k.a the alpha male (hehe) and these ten are the ones that hold my interest so far. What about yours?

Manga Update Review: Bleach 528, Naruto 622, One Piece 700, and Kuroko No Basket 203

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Sorry for missed the last week review. Real life problems got in the way. I’ll just compile all the review in one post because I won’t make a long shot review this time, just the point for each manga. (Bleach 528, Naruto 622, One Piece 700, and Kuroko No Basket)


For this one, if you’ve read my last post in Bleach 527, you’ll know I said, Bleach were going back to square one and lookie, Kubo actually did bring us back there. Back to the emo Ichigo (Gah, I’ve seen that enough already).

One thing for sure, I think this chap make all the IchiHime fangirl scream their pairing name out loud through the Ichiruki fandom. Well first, they got Inoue’s panel when Ichigo remember his friend and I bet they also happy when Ichigo mention Inoue’s name first. The second reason was probably the same old “Inoue resambles Ichigo’s mother” thought.

I won’t argue much about the panel thingy because Rukia usually got the same panel. So, do Kubo really intent to make Ichihime canon with this panel or is it only fanservice. (Only Kubo knows).  And for “Inoe looks like Ichigo’s mother”, well, in manga, looks is just a matter of mangaka’s style. One or more character usually has the same look with the other character. And please, that’s aside, even if they were similar to the bone, loving someone just because he/she looks like your dear person isn’t right, isn’t it? (I mean, you should love person for who they are). So, unless Kubo can write something convincing an subtle enough in regard of IchiHime, till then, FOR ME, they are not a canon pairing.

Okay, pairing matter aside. Some points I got from this chapter:

  • Ichigo’s rain pouring like, AGAIN.
  • I kind of miss something. Was Izumi telling Ichigo that she was her sister (I might got the translation wrong).
  • Ichigo’s father will tell the truth. I just wondering, why the right time is now? I mean, why not telling him when he lost his power after the fight with Aizen? Because Kubo wanted to? When your son telling you to tell all the secret when you feel like it, doesn’t mean you have to wait until he was depressed enough to run from house, right? That’s why I didn’t like this kind of set up.
  • Ichigo’s mother was a quincy. This isn’t surprise me at all. Somehow I already predicted this scenario. Then the next things Kubo Sensei  probably should connect is Aizen’s plotting from the start of the series (I got the feeling Aizen knows everything), Ishida’s father, Quincy annihilation, what make the quincy defies soul society from the start?, a probability that Soul society might have dark an awful secret, the reason why urahara and Isshin kicked out from Soul Society, an the recent Quincy invasion. Also, hopefully kubo somehow can connect the organization Ichigo got his power back after defeat Aizen (I forgot their name) because I hate that their power quite cool and mysterious but, there was further explanation about them (They look like a filler). If I know all this things, then I might get what bleach real plot is (Then it was the end of Bleach, I guess. hehe). Bleach definitely going to kick ass with their plot if kubo manage to connect this entire thing beautifully. (I miss Kubo Sensei plot twist).
  • And as for this chapter, I must say I’m a little disappointed. We’ve already come a long way and seeing Ichigo once again being depressed over not becoming Shinigami, made me sick. Really Kubo? Ichigo’s lose his power or being ridicule for not having power etc had been play out a lot, right? So why not make the main hero learn a bit from the past and instead running and get depressed by his current situation, isn’t better and show more character development if he just face his problem by meet his father eyes instead of running under the rain. Why it has to be his father who confront him (well, honestly I’m not too fond with the “I’ll tell you all the stories” kind of thing)

My statement above mostly just a mere suggestions. It is up to Kubo what he’s going to do with his manga, of course. Well, I guess will just have to wait where this “Ichigo’s root” will lead us to.


This one has no many progress, I think. Lets see. First, Hashirama is easily turn gloomy (That was so cute.(I say cute for funny things now)).

Second, we are introduced to senju family  –  A very cold and hard father, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Itarama (Itarama is the combination of the first and the second hence the hair. I mean, what the heck Kishimoto sensei? I know they were brothers but still, what’s with Itarama hairstyle. Maybe Kishimoto didn’t care that much since he won’t be long on Naruto. Haha, just saying).

It was quite sad seeing the little and the weakest one died first and by such a selfish war. We see here what Hashirama Sama wanted was peaceful Ninja World that can be achieved through agreement and negation not just stupid war that even sacrifice kids.

Third, have I told you, I love the old Madara. He were a nice and considerate kid. I love the panel when he force Hashirama to share his problem (Really, back then those kids are too funny together).

I only got those three point for this chapter (many pages didn’t guarantee many development, right). If there anyone who wants to add more, don’t hesitate to share :)! For now, lets just wait what’s on the next flashback.


Now onto one of my favorite, One Piece. This chapter mostly introduce new characters just by their name and some parts of their body (Marines, Sichibukai, and Doflamigo subordinate). Nice way to make us wondering.

I don’t know if the new guy is a really new character or just someone we already saw somewhere in the past chapters (Remember when Dragon revealed as Luffy’s father. We saw Dragon firs in Logue Town before they enter Green Line and we learn his name waaaaaay after. That’s one of the reasons why I love One Piece. Even after hundreds of chapters past, Oda never forget to bring them back in the future and not just as a side story but as the important one. That’s nice writing, right?).

And as I thought Kinemon will play some big part in this arc. I don’t know for how long. Whether it is until his mysterious nakama free or until Straw Hat VS Kaidou. And since it is One Piece we are talking about, everything is definitely worth waiting.

Beside the new characters coming up, I’m now also curious to see how strong the marines are under Akainu‘s command (well, the good marines still the same). Ah, I almost forgot. The Sichibukai. What sureprise me the most is, well you know, Buggi The Clown. What the heck, I thought Akainu was smart but after seeing Buggi there, I don’t know anymore (comedy is one of One Piece’s genre, of course).

I know he was there to replace Moria but, I think taking people shadows was scarier to face then someone who can split his body. Hey, maybe Buggy getting strong too after two years, who knows? This whole thing about Marines, Shicibukai, the Underworld and taking down one of the emperor look more serious and interesting now. Really, can wait to see that happen.

Next chapter, new adventure at Dressrosa. The confrontation between Straw Hat + Law VS Doflamingo Fraction. Can’t wait for that.


I haven’t do any review for this one since chapter 199. Well, one of the reasons was how draggy the match was. Waiting week after week saying Kuroko will stop Kise and the match will end but in the end just repeat the same technique and strategies was really disappointing. And honestly, I don’t like the end that much. It was lack of “WAW” factor (remember, this is my point of view).I won’t say much on this though.

Now what we are waiting for the next chapter on. First, continue from the latest chapter. Kuroko going to reveal Generation Of Mirecles past (I am waiting for this since first chapter. So, I’m excited). But, I did not like how Koroko was saying “I’m going to tell you the past of Kiseki No Sedai”. Like I said in my Bleach review. I didn’t like when some character wanted to tell a flashback the word they say “It’s time to tell you everything” or “I’ll tell you everything now” kind of thing.I think, it was the way writer deliver the past story that bother me. I PREFER something that we could deduce by ourselves.

The second thing we need to wait was  Seirin VS Teikou. I was wondering, is this match will become the last match for Kuroko No Basket? (Well, unless Seirin lose this match, that means they will make payback to Akashi in another championship. Or Kuroko might be extended for abroad game just like Captain Tsubasa). Whatever it is, I hope in the future, the match will me more exciting and breathtaking.

So, for the next chapters on, lets wait for some Generation Miracles backstories, some practice, some new techniques, and the the big match.

That was not too long, right? And I hope I can update my review as soon as the mangas updated tomorrow. Well, thank you for reading 🙂

Kuroko No Basket 199 Review

I guess I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok! (I change it a bit for better structure, I hope!)

Before I’m rumbling on and on, let me tell you, I know nothing about basketball. I only know passing, dribble, shot, dunk, and three points. And that makes me cannot have a proper discussion about the basketball thingy (Sumimasen). So, my review probably and mostly will talk only about the general things in KnB (the plot). You see, till this point, I never know how Kuroko did his misdirection or his phantom shot. Well, I don’t care honestly as long as it looks cool (Well, it would be better if someone could explicitly explain them to me, though).

Now, actually I want to put this with my Manga Update Review yesterday but unfortunately, Kuroko No Basket was updated the next day. So, here I am, doing review for KnB on Thursday.

Hmm, let’s start from where we left off. The foot note in chap 198’s last page “Next issue, Kise is hit by Kuroko’s word” so, I kind of expecting something great happen in 199. That doesn’t mean I was disappointed though. My heart still beat fast for the game and now definitely sure Seirin will win this one. Important points I get from this chapter:

  • To break Kise’s perfect copy, for now, Seirin only need to observe which copy he will perform and try to counter it (please correct me if my point was wrong). Kagami tried this method when Kise used Akashi’s emperor eye and surprise Kise a bit. Kagami tried to shoot but Kise’s copy of Murasakibara was faster than expected.
  • Kise apparently near his limit. It seems his injury will come to play at the next issue. I honestly will disappointed if Seirin win this way (With Kise  having an injury). When Kise show his perfect copy few chapters back I feel Seirin’s win will worth after defeating strong opponent like Kise. But now, I don’t know will be rooting for who.
  • I have predicted this one. Kaijou’s leading the match score. And seeing the score match now (Kaijou 78 : Seirin 77), It’s time for Seirin to counter attack and offense. It’s different when Kaijou was still chasing Seirin score. Now, no more doubt they will win this match.
  • “Never, ever give up”. Hyuga is so cool (I know it’s not that important point but, I cannot miss this captain’s speech :))
  • Hey, Akashi actually talk like a normal high schooler ne? (Akashi seems creepy sometimes. Like he’s belong in other manga genre) I love how every one that have been play a game with Seirin constantly showed up to give their comment for the match. Even Akashi (and they haven’t against Seirin yet).
  • “If by now Tetsuya doesn’t have the solution, it’s Seirin defeat.” Akashi throw the same question as the rest of us.

I could only pull 6 points in this chapter (3 of them seems off the hook, though. Hehe). And for the last, can’t wait for the next chapter!

I’m waiting for five manga updates per week – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Gintama, and Kuroko No Basket. And planning to review the big 3 weekly (hopefully can really pull it off) with Kuroko No Basket as an addition. What about Gintama? Well, honestly I cannot review a genre like Gintama (FOR ME, Gintama means to enjoy and entertain once it read. Just let the comedy linger for the whole week).

I was hoping to find a new manga/anime to read/watch, though. So if there anyone who have suggestions, feel free to tell me. Just leave your comment or look out my contact info in my About Me Page. Well, See you next Thursday then.

Thank You for reading 🙂

Kuroko No Basket OP and ED Song

I’m in Kuroko-No-Basket mode in this few months and one of the things I like while watching an anime are the openings and endings, and Kuroko No Basket was no exception. I love all of them (Op & Ed). They are nicely represent the anime. For you who haven’t know them yet or are looking for them, well, here they are plus links to the lyric and English translation. Please enjoy while waiting the OVA and season 2! Click the title to download!

Can Do by Granrodeo (Opening 1). Lyric and English trans are HERE

coverRimfire by Granrodeo (Opening 2). Lyric and English trans are HERE

COVERStart Right Away by Hyadain (Ending 1). Lyric and English trans are HERE

CoverCatal Rhythm by Oldcodex (Ending 2). Lyric and English trans are HERE


Oh, and don’t forget to support the artists by buying their original album!

Thank you 🙂

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Kuroko No Basket 197 Vs Gintama 429

I know…. I know….. this manga was in two different dimension, world, and genre. But, I cannot help but to compare them coz I read these manga update at the same day (Gintama was updated waaaaay first, though). Here my story!

I’ve been waiting for Kuroko No Basket update since the end of last year. If you read this post, you’ll know why. My heart beat faster in each page and as I predicted, Seirin is having hard time against Kise perfect copy (He even can copy Akashi). But I still hope Seirin won’t lose, of course. And there I was, sitting in front of my computer with my heart beating faster for each page and I was at the edge of my seat when I realize, it was just 16 pages (I have to get through another week of curiosity, really it’s not good for my fragile heart).


After my heart calm a bit, I remember, I haven’t read Gintama for some quite time now. So, I search for Mangareader (I prefer read online there), and continue from the Sword and Scabbard arc (an old and dull sword from planet excaliburian come to earth in searching his wife a.k.a scabbard) I know it sounds absurd but hey, it’s Gintama we’re talking about here, right? It was comedy that belong to Gintama only (absurd and what-the-f***k kind of comedy). This arc looks like a drama but played by swords and scabbard (plus, the sword can talk and have eyes). You can see Sougo Okita vs Sakata Gintoki too (Don’t get your hope high though, they were not all out here. But, you can see Ogita the “Sadist”)

Now, to the end of arc, chapter 429. One of the moment that give me what-the-hell expression was Gintoki speech about invisible scabbard, a so-so heart-wretching speech for swords honor. But then, he showed us where that invisible scabbard was. Which is here ….


Yup, it was there, in our hero’s back hole (what a scabbard). Okay, may be I was wrong about this whole scabbard that Gin-chan mention but hey, it’s Gintama.

Sorry for saying it VS but no manga sure win for me. It’s just amazing how these mangas give different kind of ‘happy’ for me. Now, I know how to watch Seirin game without giving me that much stress. Just  remember to read Gintama afterward.

Once again, sorry for all grammatical and typing errors and moreover sorry for the over dramatic compliment for both manga.

All images credit goes to Mangareader

Thank You for reading 🙂