Hm, How do I start? Well, first, let me introduce my self. My name is Oshin (I’ve decided to change the previous one). My mother called me Oshin since I was born she said, eventough I’m an Indonesian and has no Japanese bloodline at all. I’m not an English native speaker and not very good at it, so please spare me, if you find some grammatical and writing errors in my English post.

Secondly, let me introduce you to my humble blog, Brain Folder. Each people have their own way to save their memories, right? If you’ve seen Dreamcatcher (Film), one of the characters, Jonesy, use Memory Warehouse to save all his memory. He visualize an old warehouse where he can put files of his memory into their own section and room in his brain. (This and its SSDD were the best part of the movie, FOR ME). That’s one of the examples.

The other one that probably inspire me was Spongebob Squerpants episode: Squilliam Return (It was on season three). When Spongebob tried to memorize How To Become A Fancy Waiter In Less Than 20 Minutes, we were given an opportunity to look at Spongebob memory system which was looks like an office environment. And in order to make room for the new input he had to save, he destroy all his memory files with paper shredder. (I hope it would be that easy)

These two examples might be fictional but they might be logical at the same time. The point is, how to organize or manage our memories into groups of imaginative folder just like computer folders. Take any experience, events, and feeling then imaginatively turn them into file and put them on their respective folder. And for this matter, it was My Brain Folder.

So, I think it would be nice to share some of my favorites and a little bit informative folders and be able to have some proper discussion about it, right? (Please, my beloved viewers, don’t forget to drop your feedback *winkwink*). And that’s the brief historical background for this light blog arise in this vile world. (Have I told you I can be a little over dramatic? Well, now you know 🙂

Well, you can start your exploration in my brain by checks out my Left and Right brain pages and just do whatever you want from there. Oh, if there anyone interested in knowing more about Brain Folder Theory, this article probably will give you something.


If you need to ask, request, or just chat, you can mail me at brainfolder@gmail.com. Or if you have advise for my post just leave your comment.

Thank You 🙂


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