It’s kinda late but, Bye-Bye Bleach

Desclaimer: I’m not a native English speaker so I apologize beforhand if you find any gramatical in this poor article. A positive feedback would be useful though 😄

Yup, this probably reaaallllllly late but, I need to make a closure for this manga. You know, just to make a clean slate for me to move on from its ending, which is a bad one. *sigh* I kind of lost hope with this manga the last time I review its chapter.

I honestly having an on and off relationship with it. So please correct me if some of my opinion was wrong. Bleach was a really great manga despite its ending. It really was. So when the last chapter came out my reaction was


Okay, I admit it, I was an ichiruki shipper back then (I still prefer it until now) but that would be the last reason for me to disagree with Bleach ending. 

I even ready myself to take ichihime that time coz that was how Kubo lead the story to. It’s just the whole process was wrong for me. It didn’t touch my brain and heart. If only the ending just show Ichigo and Orihime life right after the war trying to find things that made them complete each other instead of jump off years on marriage life – looking all high schooler with baby. I know it’s not a shoujo manga but still they look so young for a parents for god sake. It’s like Harry Potter and the gang with their fail adult make up (yup, I’m not that pleased on Harry’s epilogue. Guess I’m just hard to please).

Kubo introduce us with a bunch of awesome character. They were so awesome,  and Kubo sensei just have no idea what to do with them. What happen to the visard, Quincy, full bring, etc. They were the main character for the plot but ended up as a fillers just to make the story roll in a separate frame. 

An ending where Ichigo finally doesn’t need to question himself whether he is capable in protecting everyone anymore, by far was a better option than telling us how their life in the future. I know this is hard coz Kubo sensei seemed to forget what Bleach is all about. He lost the plot. And when ones confuse what way to choose, it is guaranted that you will face a bad end. So it’s not just that the end was bad but the whole journey to that end didn’t justify everything that happend in the end (okay, now, I even confuse myself).

Okay lets conclude my point

  1. The art should change a lot if Kubo wants me to believe that Ichigo and Orihime are parents (unless they married as soon as the war ended). And it would be better if Kubo show us a lot of romantic build up on Ichigo’s side for Orihime.
  2. The whole plot that lead to the end is just messed up and most of it were unexplained.
  3. Well it was helpless long time before the end tho.

But, even with all the disatisffaction I felt toward this manga. Lets not forget it ever have its best moment. And I definetely cannot write half as good as Tite Kubo. So lets all give a standing ovation for all his hardwork and hurt he felt with this manga and hopefully he can come up with more awesome work next time. 

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