Manga Update Review: Naruto 623

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Naruto 623

Today’s chapter was continuation from the last one (Of course it was, what I’m saying). With a little by little bit progress, I think this chap describe how Hashirama and Madara’s relationship was established. They share the same dream to achieve world of peace where kids don’t need to experience war. (I have the similar hope here buddy). Hashirama, eventhough just a mere wish, he really mean to make it. While Madara, I think, he didn’t seriously consider to make that world but wish for it too, thanks to Hashirama. (But of course, it was Naruto who actually change that selfish world created by the elders)

Back to hashirama and Madara, I love their friendship even much more than that of Naruto and Sasuke. They were real buddies – training buddies, venting buddies, rivalry buddies that share same burden and hope – well, you know what kind of buddies they are. I love Madara’s line about Hashirama. “I can understand you even without looking inside you, though … look at your hairstyle and clothes, you’re lame” See, they were close buddies (I wonder, what will Madara said when he saw Itarama hehe, sadly he was dead already). And what’s with that “Secret Taijutsu, Super Katon Genjutsu Cutting Big Shuriken Double Drop Technique” Hashirama Sama never cease to amaze me.

Seeing their meeting point now, where they always skipping stones, was the waterfall where they will fight later on, right? and the mountain they climbed together probably was the mountain where they carve the Hokage faces. And the scenery they were look out is going to be Konoha gakure. Such a simple dream by  simple kids (Madara’s smile looks like Naruto’s here).

Then there’s the adults. Arrogant and selfish adults (Now I know where Tobirama got his trait from). Telling a kid to betrayed his just for the sake of selfish war. Fortunately, those two kids are smart. While I thought how Hashirama going to deal with that kind of order, both of them treasure one another much to the point to tell each other to run (Those stones going to be  one of Naruto’s franchise from now on. hehe).

At the end of the chapter, once again we got to see how compatible Hashirama and Madara is. Even the structure of their family. They both have father and one brother left (They even knew each other name, damn famous shinobi). 

Is the little kid behind the older Uchiha, Madara’s only brother? Is it mean, that boy going to die in that fight? But remembering the past stories that the adult version of both Madara and Hashirama were the one who built the village, means that kid died later on. Or maybe I was wrong. Well, we’ll just have to wait.

And seeing the immortal Madara right now means he must love his brother so much to make him cross to the dark side. Gah, now I hope Madara can meet Hashirama one more time and fix their friendship.

For the last, I quite enjoy this chapter since Hashirama and Madara looks cute and their relationship just beautiful. So, I’ll just wait for whatever Kishimoto Sensei will bring next week.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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