Manga Update Review: Bleach 529

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

Bleach 529

Okay for this one I honestly have to say AMAZING. Yup, you hear me folks, it was amazing. In my Bleach 528 review, I stated that Ichigo’s mother as Quincy didn’t give that much shock to me. It really didn’t. So, I’m not that eager to see what’s happen in the next one. But, but… you see, this chapter turn out to have few shocking revelation and truthfully make me have the “What? so he…” kind of face. I’ll write it down in bullets for this one:

  • The chapter open up with conversation between the royal guard guy who created zanpakuto and Renji. Their conversation mainly repeating the point “Ichigo is not a real shinigami”. This one shown by the fact that Asauchi didn’t chose him. But this fact having me wonder, if it’s so, where the hell Zangetsu from. I hope Kubo Sensei won’t forget to explain this later on. Ichigo also must find his soul (is that mean, all this time, Ichigo running around kicking bunch of asses without a soul? It probably a figurative meaning though)
  • Like I said, I thought the flashback will open with Ichigo’s mother story but I was wrong. It was Rangiku, the younger one (Shorter hair with developing boobs) and she was already a vice captain of 10th division. Yup Rangiku was a vice captain but not for the captain that all of us now.
  • Kubo tried to cover the captain’s face with a tray but I already know that he was Ichigo’s father (It was an old trick). Since Ichigo’s father revealed to be shinigami and a captain to boost, everyone have been wonder from what division is he. Now we know the answer (And have to wait for every other questions to be expose). And in this point, the thing that really shocking was, HE IS NOT A KUROSAKI. HE IS A SHIBA. I don’t know bout anyone else but that quite “Wah“. I remember when the hectic of Soul Society Arc started, Ichigo and co  meets the Shibas, someone stated that the late Kaien Shiba looks like Ichigo and that they might be a relative. And that’s true. I like this kind of set up. If you read my One Piece review, you’ll know why (I prefer a plot where a character or event from the past that seemed already forgotten, suddenly mentioned again way in the future and turns out have connection). 
  • Next we have Hitsugaya. He was on 3rd seat. So, he overlap Ragiku for the captain seat, I see. Gah, he is soo cute back then.
  • The past Isshin Shiba and the current one didn’t have any difference. He is pervert, silly, and serious at the same time. Rangiku too, somehow she still the kind of vice captain that wanted to give all the work to the captain. Hitsugaya is still the same old over too serious kid (But still, he’s lot cuter in the flashback. And he even ate his captain manju)
  • The last, the mysterious case (I presume it was problem on real world when later he meet Ichigo’s mother). 

Like I said, Isshin was a Shiba was the golden thing in this chapter (Beside the cute Hitsugaya). Now, I really don’t know what’s will going on with Bleach but, whatever it is I hope it will be an awesome one, the awesome one that won’t forget any promising characters or facts from the past that usually left out without convincing explanation. For example, Izumi, wherever you look at it, she doesn’t seem just like an ordinary/unimportant character. So, I really really hope Kubo won’t forget to explain her role/background and make good plot out of it. (but, it might be nothing to begin with). 

Oh yah, one more thing, if there someone who kind enough to explain the time or the generation hierarchy in Bleach history, I would be very glad. I mean, “who’s in the same era with whom” kind of thing. Because you see, Bleach usually quite confusing whenever I tried to retrace some facts or some characters historical background.

I pretty much enjoyed and even like it for everyone background revealed so far. (Eventhough, I won’t be so sure if it was Ichigo’s but, who knows?). So, lets just say, can’t wait for the next one and see what is Kubo’s intention from this Shiba revelation.

Thanks all for reading 🙂


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