Manga Update Review: One Piece 699

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

One Piece 699

Gah, I was waiting for this. Yes, it’s Aokiji after time skip. Come along the way to Punk Hazard to freeze pinky young master ass. (Take that stupid Flamingo for ever lay a hand to my Smoker). I was hoping Luffy will be the one who beat the crap out of Flamingo. but, having Aokiji to did that, didn’t bad at all. Hmm, but as you expected from Flamingo, his blood is in its boiling point right now. So, Aokiji’s ice, won’t be to much for him, I guess. (Damn, why his heart cannot freeze sooner?)

I don’t know what Flamingo was talking about Aokiji, what rumors he was talking about? Rumor about him defeated by Akainu? Rumors that he left the army? If it was those rumors, why Flamingo seems really interested? And what decision he was talking about?

I never knew that Aokiji and Smoker have a very nice bromance. Exactly like Sengoku and Garp. Aokiji talks about something he can see now when he’s no longer a marine. Is it in his journey after quitting the marine, he finally see what kind of the world government is? A government that Luffy’s father tried to destroy. We haven’t see all of this world government though. (Gah, this was their 699 chapter already and apparently we haven’t seen enough of the big secret and what make it beautiful how Oda deliver the plot until this point. It was delivered naturally).

Apparently, after leaving the marine, Aokiji probably connected to the underground world. There, he seems got a lot of information. And a probability also, this what Flamingo was talking about on earlier page. Aokiji and Smoker underling interaction was so funny. Gah, I love every character in One Piece, even just the unimportant ones like the marines. When the big war finally happen (pirates alliance vs World Government alliance), I’ll count these two (Smoker and Aokiji) in Luffy’s side.

Aokiji remind Smoker that he is still the same person and warn him to pay extra attention to Flamingo and to tell Akainu to detach the admiral (Hmm, I don’t quite get what Aokiji try to imply here). At least, the point I get, When things get worse, Aokiji will become one of the World Government’s big enemy.

OMG. Alert ….. alert …… We got another pervert on Thousand Sunny. And this one is the worst. Hahaha, Monosuke is so funny. The rest of the pages was like “the calm before the storm”.  Apparently, they were waiting for the newspaper. I almost forget about the whole threatening thing. I got carried away by Aokiji’s appearance. I forget it was on the same day that Law threatening Flamingo and Flamingo beat Smoker.

I’m glad when I was clicking the next page (after page 15). I thought we won’t get to see Doflamingo’s answer till next chapter but, Oda never disappointing me. Doflamingo’s answer qiute shocking. Apparently, he’s more afraid of Kaidou than the Marine (I wonder how strong this Kaidou guy and when his pirates finally meet Luffy’s, how awesome their fight would be. Ah, One Piece). The news are spread. Doflamingo quit as warlords, Law and Luffy made an alliance. Kid, Appo, and Hawkins made one too (this quite interesting, when I hope all the Supernovas join in one alliance, Kid, Appo, and Hawkins made their own. What purpose, I wonder?). Now, what the Straw Hat Alliance going to do? What their strategies? As promised, they should return Caesar. But, how they will decrease Kaidou’s power if he can continue to make SAD/SMILE. I cannot see Luffy as the guy who can break a promise even with the bad guy. So, really, what their strategies now? Gah, I’m excited

I love how long this chapter was. It was only 19 chapter plus cover and color spread but many things was reveal. Oda didn’t make us wait for the important progress. At least, he gave me what I wanted. Aokiji give a little bit ice treatment to Doflamingo, Aokiji and Smoker interaction, One Piece’s classic but funny comedy, Doflamingo’s answer, and some mystery caller in the end. He did not leave us hanging but he left us with excitement (We got many thing after one week break. Me like). Who’s agree?

Well, that’s all for One Piece 699. Can’t wait for the next one. (Take a deep breath for the 700th chapters). Thanks for reading 🙂


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