Manga Update Review: Naruto 620

Naruto 620

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

The old-good-epic-Naruto is back guys. Okay, lot of questions start this chapter. Let see, they are:

  • What is the village and shinobi?
  • Itachi killed his comrades and died protect the village, what is it exactly?
  • And shinobi who created all this, what are they?

Hmmm, I’m not so sure what all the pronouns refer to (I guess, It refers to village and shinobi) So sad, we didn’t get the answers in this chapter. (why-o-why the chapter was so short, leaving people hoping for more. That is manga marketing)

Sasuke needs to know all the answer before take a decision whether to take revenge on the leaf or … (What??? The second need to learn to let people finish their talk before lashing out with emotion). The second is a very grumpy guy, heh

And because the chapter was titled “Hashirama Senju”, that means let us all pay attention to this guy story. (Gah, the first was still his cute self as always).

As you all probably have read, the chapter was too short. So, I’ll just make a short recap for this time review.

Hmmm, like I said before, this chapter opened with question from Sasuke. Sasuke need to hear Hashirama answer before taking his decision. And as soon as The Second hear the word “revenge” on the leaf came out from Sasuke’s mouth, he turn into fighting mode. Then Sasuke and co. also turn into defending mode. And then, Hashirama turn himself into penetrating mode (hehe).

Let’s continue, shall we? Apparently, Hashirama’s penetrating mode quite scary, ne. Scary enough to the point making everyone aware of it, make the whole room crumble, and make The Second looks like the second (well, you know what I mean, right?). What a presence. And the amazing thing was, he still laugh it off and apologize. Being a hokage, means a real deal, ne?

After everyone calm a bit, Orochimaru told The First to tell the only thing Sasuke wants to know coz there is a war right now. All the hokages realized this and even Minato feel Naruto and kyubi chakra (wow, he know his son chakra?). The Second and Third want to help in the war. Orochimaru didn’t let them go of course, stating that he can control them with Edo Tensei. Orochimaru said that he is in Sasuke’s side (Is it me or Orochimaru treat Sasuke like a bacchan? Now I see why some people call him prince).

And the second being himself (rash as always) tried to go but apparently Orochimaru’s edo tensei was better coz he use Hashirama’s cell. Tobirama cannot move. But this not applied to our God of Shinobi of course. But, he stay and decided to tell Sasuke a bedtime story, um.. I mean to free Sasuke from his ill feeling (But… but… Hashirama sama, I think it’s Naruto’s job).

Then, the flashback begin. We see, Hashirama and Madara’s fight, some slice right here and there, some Grrrrrrrrrrr from the kyubi, some Mokuton  jutsu from The First, and then, history unveiled (well, next week). Btw, I’m not so sure about something on the last page. Was that Ucihas’s black flame? I cannot see clear enough in a fighting panel.

I don’t like flashback that much  but since it was kind of needed right now and I want to know as well, I think this one is okay (We got much more time with Hashirama as well). O one more thing. Is Namikaze Minato always this reserved? He didn’t talk much in these two chapters. (well, Naruto resamble only his father’s appearance). These hokage’s revival chapters are good opportunities to know all the hokages personalities more. I wonder, what will they think about Naruto when they see him (Please, Kishimoto sensei, make that happen).

Honestly, at this point, I really don’t know how Naruto’s gonna end. Is it Madara or Sasuke that will be the last opponent or not (Since all talks about how scary and strong the ten tails is, right now seems forgotten and apparently a bit disappointing). But I still sure that the history will repeat itself (Hashirama vs Madara = Naruto vs Sasuke). How the story take us there? We just need to wait and see.

I got much more to say. Unfortunately, I forgot. (That’s what lack of sleep give you). So I’ll just update it later.

Thanks 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Manga Update Review: Naruto 620”

  1. If Hashirama can break the control of Edo Tensei ‘with ease’, why didn’t he do so when he was first revived during the Chunin Exams. He was revived by the same person, and Tobirama even stated that Orochimaru grew more proficient in using the technique by saying how this time they were brought back with almost their full power. Why couldn’t the God of Shinobi break Orochimaru’s control when it was weaker, but can do it so easily do it now when it’s supposed to be much stronger?
    So far the conclusions I came to were: either he couldn’t do it because he himself was not brought back at full power or because his personality was blocked out. Then again he is the God of Shinobi and he was himself enough to regret having to fight Hiruzen. I like the story of this manga very much, but I just can’t help but think Kishimoto is right now trying to cover up the mistakes he made earlier.

    1. I think it was like what you and Ravi have said and for the reason why in the end of the fight he felt regret toward Hiruzen, it might be because, the third was able to to destroy the Edo tensei at last moment. But, I’m not so sure, I don’t remember the detail of the fight and too lazy to re read right now. And for the “Kishimoto trying to cover up the mistakes he made earlier” thingy, well, I felt that way when the war start, till now. But, I guess, that kind of thing always happen with a long run series. In writing process, the author suddendly came up with a good plot or new material that not mean to happen from the start. This kind of thing usually good, if it’s deliver in a good way. It’s not that Kishimoto deliver it in the wrong way, I think, he still in the process to set things up, to connect one event with the other, but in a quite draggy pace. So, I think, now we just have to wait what he wants to tell us. (Sorry, if my comment didn’t make any sense, my thoughts were overlaping when I wrote this :))

  2. I think that the chapter was too short as well, but if I am not mistaken the black flame (amaterasu) was created by itachi. But overall I really enjoyed the chapter, and I feel as though they should expand on the hokage’s personalities more.

  3. Just what exactly honestly stimulated u to create “Manga Update Review: Naruto 620 Brain Folder”?
    I actuallygenuinely adored the post! I appreciate it -Candra

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