Manga Update Review: Naruto 619

I guess, I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok! 

Wow, Naruto get updated sooner than usual, I see! Umm, how do I start. I never predicted that this chapter would be opened by the Hokage’s comic relief! And I never thought that Mr. Senju Hashirama would be that kind of guy. A popular and cool one but, sweet, kind of idiot and have a really low self-confidence (I hope I put it right). Even Sasuke and co. affirm this with their “The God of shinobi … has no dignity” haha. He seems cute (sorry I found his character type mostly in shoujo manga), obedient and kind of afraid of his brother (Is second Hokage, the big or the little bro of Hashirama? but, since Hashirama was the first, it means the second was the little, right?). The comedic side by the hokages remind me with the old Naruto.

It seems, the first didn’t know Orochimaru and both the first and second didn’t know Minato too. Gah, that’s hilarious (Now, I really wanted to see Naruto meets his father). And knowing Tsunade become the fifth, Hashirama was so funny (I found another fave in Naruto, yeah).

Then, there’s a little bit conversation about Edo Tensei. I kind of know what kind of person the second hokage was. He seems strict and serious. He logically thinks everything but seems couldn’t see far enough what his decision would be result (Edo tensei and made Uciha clan as the village police). By excluding the Uciha clan in their own territory, they might feel like an outcast and that’s what stirred the coup-de-tat.  Hashirama seems favour the Uchiha clan then the second.

So, Orochimaru’s real intention was just to create the oppurtinity for Sasuke to talk with the hokages. Kishimoto suddenly popping him out of Kabuto’s body just for that. I still can’t believe he was back to the story after so long and no one ever mention him along the way. I’m not that prone with that kind of story line. (I don’t trust you enough, Mr. Snake)

Next, the truth to be told. First, Sasuke ask the third about Itachi. Nothing new about this one. We already know the truth. Itachi was preferring his village then his own clan. I still don’t know for sure why Itachi do that. It might coz he was more attached to the village than his own clan. He didn’t want Sasuke to experience hatred but by not telling him the truth, his intention has the opposite effect.

Second, the fact that Uchiha is a clan possessed by evil. A clan that originally treasure love more than the Senju’s. But by experience despair and lost of this “Love”, they turn to feel hatred and cross to the dark side (I see Dark Veder here).

Even though the love thing sounds a bit lame for me but this one better than three chapter with the overused emotional scene. The explanation about the sharigan was better too coz we see Sasuke got his first Sharingan this way (desparate to live when fighting Orochimaru in the chunin exam).

Madara was only the tool to get back to the main cause – the Uchiha itself. Seeing all the things now, I won’t doubt that this manga was solely about Naruto and how he fulfill his dream to be hokage. These whole problem between the village and the Uchiha and all the war between the country are the challage for Naruto to become one. Unsolved problem that handed down generation to generation. And this time, it was Naruto’s and we all know how this will end. Naruto will bring peace to the ninja world and become Hokage, that’s the general conclusion. And the detail journey to that event/end, might be long or in no time. We just need to sit down and wait for  another updates in an up and down excitement, right?

For Sasuke’s last question, I bet the answer would be something wise and I can see Sasuke won’t be affected by whatever the answer is. After reading this chapter, I think we’re going back to root of this whole war. Hatred. It was inevitable, the fight between Naruto and Sasuke in the end. And I know for sure only Naruto and their battle that could answer Sasuke’s hatred.

Can’t wait for the next chap!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Manga Update Review: Naruto 619”

  1. Nice review dude! The Uchiha are such emo’s but it’s give them power. Kinda reminds me of DBZ, how Goku is the goofy/silly/happy type but somehow the strongest =Hisharama/Naruto. Then u have the arrogant/conceded/mad type=Vegeta/Madara who always have a problem with the strong one..Lol.. can’t wait to see how this turn out

    1. Thanks! I won’t say the Uchiha, though! For me it’s just Sasuke, the emo prince, hehe (gomen ne Sasuke)! About DBZ, I aggree for Hashirama/Naruto part eventhough I haven’t see goofy Naruto for a while now and Goku is somewhat more naive just like The First. For Vegeta/Madara, I wouldn’t dare to call them similiar but, they’re both arrogant, I guess in different way! And yeah, can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

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