Kuroko No Basket 199 Review

I guess I have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake, right?

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok! (I change it a bit for better structure, I hope!)

Before I’m rumbling on and on, let me tell you, I know nothing about basketball. I only know passing, dribble, shot, dunk, and three points. And that makes me cannot have a proper discussion about the basketball thingy (Sumimasen). So, my review probably and mostly will talk only about the general things in KnB (the plot). You see, till this point, I never know how Kuroko did his misdirection or his phantom shot. Well, I don’t care honestly as long as it looks cool (Well, it would be better if someone could explicitly explain them to me, though).

Now, actually I want to put this with my Manga Update Review yesterday but unfortunately, Kuroko No Basket was updated the next day. So, here I am, doing review for KnB on Thursday.

Hmm, let’s start from where we left off. The foot note in chap 198’s last page “Next issue, Kise is hit by Kuroko’s word” so, I kind of expecting something great happen in 199. That doesn’t mean I was disappointed though. My heart still beat fast for the game and now definitely sure Seirin will win this one. Important points I get from this chapter:

  • To break Kise’s perfect copy, for now, Seirin only need to observe which copy he will perform and try to counter it (please correct me if my point was wrong). Kagami tried this method when Kise used Akashi’s emperor eye and surprise Kise a bit. Kagami tried to shoot but Kise’s copy of Murasakibara was faster than expected.
  • Kise apparently near his limit. It seems his injury will come to play at the next issue. I honestly will disappointed if Seirin win this way (With Kise  having an injury). When Kise show his perfect copy few chapters back I feel Seirin’s win will worth after defeating strong opponent like Kise. But now, I don’t know will be rooting for who.
  • I have predicted this one. Kaijou’s leading the match score. And seeing the score match now (Kaijou 78 : Seirin 77), It’s time for Seirin to counter attack and offense. It’s different when Kaijou was still chasing Seirin score. Now, no more doubt they will win this match.
  • “Never, ever give up”. Hyuga is so cool (I know it’s not that important point but, I cannot miss this captain’s speech :))
  • Hey, Akashi actually talk like a normal high schooler ne? (Akashi seems creepy sometimes. Like he’s belong in other manga genre) I love how every one that have been play a game with Seirin constantly showed up to give their comment for the match. Even Akashi (and they haven’t against Seirin yet).
  • “If by now Tetsuya doesn’t have the solution, it’s Seirin defeat.” Akashi throw the same question as the rest of us.

I could only pull 6 points in this chapter (3 of them seems off the hook, though. Hehe). And for the last, can’t wait for the next chapter!

I’m waiting for five manga updates per week – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Gintama, and Kuroko No Basket. And planning to review the big 3 weekly (hopefully can really pull it off) with Kuroko No Basket as an addition. What about Gintama? Well, honestly I cannot review a genre like Gintama (FOR ME, Gintama means to enjoy and entertain once it read. Just let the comedy linger for the whole week).

I was hoping to find a new manga/anime to read/watch, though. So if there anyone who have suggestions, feel free to tell me. Just leave your comment or look out my contact info in my About Me Page. Well, See you next Thursday then.

Thank You for reading 🙂


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