Manga Update Review: January 30

Warning! A not English native speaker here, so please understand if you find any grammatical error and this reviews are based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion but, please remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok! 🙂

The review sequence based on which one was updated first (not based on favorability)

Naruto 618

Well, how to comment about this one. I have predicted last week that this chapter will mainly shows Sasuke and co, leaving the war behind for a while (for only Kishimoto knows when it will end – the war I mean).

What happens in this chapter:

  • Orochimaru finally have his arms back actually using the same jutsu that take them waaaaaaay before shippuden. The question, why on earth he only use it NOW? (I honestly asking here)
  • Apparently Zetsu was with Sasuke all this time. (Damn you Madara, leave this emo kid alone for once will you – no hurt feeling, ne Sasuke)
  • Sasuke apparently spend little time to reminiscing his village (I don’t know what are you thingking there Sasuke, but please don’t take Naruto’s cool pose on the pole)
  • Orochimaru use Zetsu, as sacrifice for Edo Tensei to bring back the ones who know everything.
  • Apparently, the ones who know everything are the death Hokages. My question, is there any thing we haven’t know about? Well, if there’s any, I don’t know if I should glad or not. If there’s one thing I should complain, is the fact that the plot seem to be inserted out of nowhere. Maybe I was wrong or misjudge, but honestly that what I thought. I won’t pessimistic though coz I love Kishimoto twist sometimes.
  • I GOT A FEELING that Orochimaru and Sasuke will become a great help for Konoha (well I hope so, please Kishimoto sensei, stop making me hate Sasuke Kun more and more. Just bring me the dynamic duo of naruto and Sasuke)
  • And the last, another big secret soon will be revealed.

Honestly, my brain a little bit clouded at this moment, making me hard to see the old epic Naruto (I mean the series, not Naruto the character). So, if there’s anyone kind enough to chase away the cloud by discussing my points above, I would be grateful.

Last for Naruto 619, can’t wait to see the zombie Hokage spit some truth (and see Minato outside Naruto’s soul and flashback, of course)

Bleach 525

I must say, captain Unohana looks really scary and kind of creepy. (why every calm people in a manga always seems creepy). So, the conclusion was still the same as what we left off from chap 524. Captain Unohana is trying to make Ken chan let out his fullest power. For some time now, made me wonder if Kenpachi will kick Ichigo’s butt as the series hero. (Just kidding, of course). Well it’s just that all this talking by Captain Unohana and lil bit by Captain Kyoraku about Kenpachi’s true power was a bit too much (but for some reason I don’t mind them though).

My only problem with Bleach is I find some inconsistent in the plot. And that makes me made this kind of expression “How again, they all come to this?“. I can’t seem to find the red lining to connect one event/one plot with another. I can’t differentiate which plot that serve as the original story line and which one is the fanservice (hide under the table in case some people disagree). Hmm. I got to stop this here, before I make a review about the whole story.

Now, back on to chap 525. Apparently the answer about who’s the stronger between Kenpachi and Captain Unohana finally reveal. And I know all along it was Kenpachi. Unohana need to kill Kenpachi to break the power limit and she already know this the first time they fight. We got a saiyan shinigami here, folks (the death come back alive stronger than before).

I guess I don’t have much to say about this chap though, coz for the moment, everything seems obvious to me. Oh yeah, one more thing (and the most unimportant one), is it just me or Kenpachi looks older but Unohana stay the same (need some beauty recipe here Ms. Unohana? hehe)

The last for Bleach 525, can’t wait to see Rukia, (hopefully) hehehe

One Piece 697

Okay one word for this one “Awesome“. Gah, I already made promise to never compare a manga with the others, but it really difficult when I make One Piece as the comparison basis. “Every manga has their own beauty. comparing them with another mean disrespect their beauty” (I’ve told you, I’m an otaku). But….but read these three updates, I can’t help but think, One Piece plot was moving forward in steady pace while the others sometime running in a circle with sometime fast/slow pace. (I’m sorry my other mangas, you are all still the best).

Now, onto the reason why I said this chap was awesome. First. Well, like I said, the plot was moving nicely. Who would think that the calm, cool, and arrogant, Mr. Don Flamingo will be humiliated by a bunch of kids, hehe. It seems Flamingo afraid to face Kaidou. We might/might not find out Flamingo’s answer in the next chap.

Second, I really love the straw hat relationship with the G5 marine, with the justice vs pirate things. It so funny that the kids declare they wanted to be a pirate in the future and all the marine just “Nooooooo” hahaha. I wonder, if the end of One Piece is the big war between pirates and marines, on whose side the good marines will be? Who will allied with straw hat? what the purpose of revolution army and whose side their on? What are the other weapon that mention in phoneglyph? and most importantly, how this amazing manga going to meet it end? Guh, One Piece, 697 chapters so far and it was only half way! Sugoi!

Third, I love how consistent our hero (although he doesn’t want to be called a hero), Luffy from the pilot chapter till now.

Someone1The marines are strong! Luffy: I’ll beat them all. Someone2:The journey to new world is full of danger! Luffy:Wow, seems fun! Someone3: The four emperors are the strongest in new world! Luffy: I’ll definitely defeat them all! 

See, how consistent his principle is. Seeing him live his life to the fullest made me hope if I could just have a little bit of his bravery and determination to live the real life. (Ah, why manga world was so free?) And his unwavering bravery always change people he met and this time, Law seem affected.

One sentence, Can’t wait the next chapter!

alright, that’s all for now. I’m planning to give review every week if possible and if someone says: “Hey, your writing sucks. Stop it already!” Me: “Okay, I’ll keep writing. Bwahahaha” (thanks Luffy!)

Thanks for reading 🙂


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