Kuroko No Basket 197 Vs Gintama 429

I know…. I know….. this manga was in two different dimension, world, and genre. But, I cannot help but to compare them coz I read these manga update at the same day (Gintama was updated waaaaay first, though). Here my story!

I’ve been waiting for Kuroko No Basket update since the end of last year. If you read this post, you’ll know why. My heart beat faster in each page and as I predicted, Seirin is having hard time against Kise perfect copy (He even can copy Akashi). But I still hope Seirin won’t lose, of course. And there I was, sitting in front of my computer with my heart beating faster for each page and I was at the edge of my seat when I realize, it was just 16 pages (I have to get through another week of curiosity, really it’s not good for my fragile heart).


After my heart calm a bit, I remember, I haven’t read Gintama for some quite time now. So, I search for Mangareader (I prefer read online there), and continue from the Sword and Scabbard arc (an old and dull sword from planet excaliburian come to earth in searching his wife a.k.a scabbard) I know it sounds absurd but hey, it’s Gintama we’re talking about here, right? It was comedy that belong to Gintama only (absurd and what-the-f***k kind of comedy). This arc looks like a drama but played by swords and scabbard (plus, the sword can talk and have eyes). You can see Sougo Okita vs Sakata Gintoki too (Don’t get your hope high though, they were not all out here. But, you can see Ogita the “Sadist”)

Now, to the end of arc, chapter 429. One of the moment that give me what-the-hell expression was Gintoki speech about invisible scabbard, a so-so heart-wretching speech for swords honor. But then, he showed us where that invisible scabbard was. Which is here ….


Yup, it was there, in our hero’s back hole (what a scabbard). Okay, may be I was wrong about this whole scabbard that Gin-chan mention but hey, it’s Gintama.

Sorry for saying it VS but no manga sure win for me. It’s just amazing how these mangas give different kind of ‘happy’ for me. Now, I know how to watch Seirin game without giving me that much stress. Just  remember to read Gintama afterward.

Once again, sorry for all grammatical and typing errors and moreover sorry for the over dramatic compliment for both manga.

All images credit goes to Mangareader

Thank You for reading 🙂



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