Kuroko No Basket, The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

Kuroko's Basketball
Kuroko’s Basketball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spend these last few weeks craze for this sport-themed manga/anime. Some of you definitely have heard about Kuroko No Basket, right? It’s one of people favorites nowadays. I actually not too fond of with this kind of MANGA but I’m okay and lil’ bit fan of the ANIME (Captain Tsubasa, Wild Striker, Slam Dunk, Whistle, Eyeshield 21, etc). So, the first time I accidentaly bump up with one of the episode while browsing leisurely through YouTube, I was hook up immediately.

The animation is nice, the characters are hot (hey, 98% of them are male), nice and rather fast story line, and it convey the feeling/spirit quite good (at least, TO ME). I have heard about this manga before hand, but I was wrongly introduced. I saw some pictures of  the characters but, it rather convey BL air, so I thought it was yaoi and made me look for the manga. But at that time, the manga was already at chapter 196 and I have zero interest to read them from the start so I didn’t.

And after the first season ended last year, I decided to start reading the manga and I have to tell you! Kuroko No Basket manga is not good for your heart (My fragile heart precisely, hehe). Don’t get me wrong, it’s NOT “not good” in the bad way though. What I mean were, the kind of thing that always happen when I read a good and exciting manga/anime. Yup, it’s the chill and thrill.

For people who don’t know or new to Kuroko no Basket, well, how do I start? Kuroko no Basuke (黒子のバスケ?), also known as The Basketball which Kuroko Plays, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump in December 2008. Kuroko no Basuke tells the story of a high school basketball team trying to make it to the national tournament. An anime adaptation by Production I.G began airing on April 7, 2012, and ceased airing on September 22, 2012 (Kuroko No Basket Wikipedia)

And from what I have read so far in the manga, it really actually tells about what kind of basketball that Kuroko plays. Kuroko was a former member of Generation of Miracles, name for Teiko middle school regular team, Team that won three times in national championship by demolishing their opponents and Kuroko himself known as the Phantom of the Sixth Man (Well, he’s looks like a ghost sometimes, appear and disappear with no one notice). Because how strong the member of Generation Miracle and how they start to play basketball individually and with no sense of playing for fun, Kuroko start to hate basketball. But after he went to Seirin High School, join Seirin basketball club and meet Kagami and the other senpai (Seniors), he once again found liking in playing basketball and tried to show this to his former team mates by defeat them and make them see what kind of basketball he plays (I guess, well, I don’t yet know for sure but I think that’s the point). So far, Kuroko with his Seirin’s team mates have successfully defeats four members of generation miracles and teach them to love basketball from the bottom of their heart and to love their team. And all of them now have a “goody-goody” friends and rivalry relationship. (Hah, I love bromance and this manga has a lot)

This manga/anime absolutely follows the basic formula for this kind of manga genre. Lets see, an underdog team that through all obstacle, lots of hard exercise, character with raw talent that always end up outshine everyone else, friend-rival relationship, plays sportif and for fun, exaggerating technique (which sometimes doesn’t make sense, well at least the ball didn’t turn into tiger or dragon or the player suddenly have wing or something), and many other typical formula for sport manga. But, like I said above, Kuroko No Basket manga and anime gives me the chills, give me smile, laugh, and this spurt of spirit/motivation to do better in my life (and that what makes people a otakus, am I right?).

Oh of course, I love all the characters, I mean ALL of them, even the grandpa’ that clean the bath in the summer training (Oh, except the guy who used to be one of the Generation Of Miracle before Kise join in – I even forgot his name). Each character has their own characteristic.

You see, the main character, that is Tetsuya Kuroko, has this unic character trait that sometimes no one can feel his presence, which of course good in the court but become a comic relief outside. He really doesn’t carry a main hero/character air in him. He looks totally normal (except for his hair, light blue quite not normal for hair color, right?). His expression most of the time are normal to the extent expressionless (except when he’s on the court), his school shirt always tug in his pants (and as far as I notice, he is the only character that wear his school uniform tidily), his grades are normal, and what I find really cute from him is the way he speak. If you watch the anime, you’ll find that he speak in a very polite and formal way (Desu and Imasu). He is honest and always speak his mind directly (you must read/watch it yourself to see how normal, um….I mean, what a great character he is, hehe).

And there also his team captain, Seirin Captain, Junpei Hyuga. Hyuga is wearing glasses and the first time I saw him, my opinion about him was “Oh, he just the side character, kind of the nice and wise captain” but wait until he’s in critical situation, he has a very badmouth. Then, Seirin’s Ace, Kagami Taiga. this one is the usual one. He is the classic player. Has raw talent for becoming a great player, will definitely defeat all the rival, honest (kind of naïve – everyone in Seirin basketball team are), and eat a lot. There even a character that was so fanatic in horoscope (he totally believe what his favorite horoscope station says and very superstitious – I’m looking at you Mr. Midorimacchi). I describe only my favorite one. How about yours? well, all in all, they were all awesome.

For the game, well I don’t know much about basketball to begin with so I cannot comment much but for me, it was far more tense reading the manga coz’ we read it per page, but it definitely easier for the eyes if we see it in motion (anime). Well some people said, Kuroko No Basket is doesn’t make sense, but hey this is fiction what do you expect? a documentary? And I also saw some people get heated by comparing Slam Dunk with Kuroko No Basket which for me, both of them have my respect. There is no “this one is better than the other” coz every manga or anime has their own good and bad and I just enjoy those thing. Oh, and one little complain I got for the manga, I don’t really like the sweat (when they are in a game). I think they’re too many. Almost looks like a melting wax (I don’t mind them much though).

I hope the manga will be updated soon, I really need to know how Seirin will counter Kise’s Perfect Copy. I absolutely hope Seirin win the match again Kaijou but having Kise injury seems quite unfair, but we’ll see what happen next. And I also hope all the threat against Kuroko No Basket will stop soon (well I don’t care what the hater problem with Fujimaki Sensei, but I really like the story and love the character and wanted yo see their journey till the end) So, please create peace for all Kuroko No Basket’s Otakus sake. (I was hoping many things for this manga, damn)

Wow, I got really tire writing this (well my clocks shows 01.30 A.M right now), so I think I’ll end this vent here. Last, sorry for all the grammatical and typing error, hopefully  they won’t prevent you to read.

Thank you 🙂



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