One Piece Ost: Straw Hat Pirate Crew Version

The Strongest on One Piece Music
The Strongest on One Piece Music (Photo credit: Nomadic Lass)

Like my usual free time, last night I was surf leisurely through YouTube, watching One Piece epic moments and end up looking for the seiyuu (voice actors/actress) video. Wow, they’re amazing, they were so total in their work (even though it’s just behind the scene work). Then I see one of the video “We are straw hat version”, it was fun hearing my favorite character singing – and they sing it well. I already knew that every anime always has their seiyuu singing the theme song (opening/ending song) or the character song, but I never looking forward to it and this one, I just can’t let it slip. So, that’s why in my cell phone, so far, I have three One Piece ost sung by the seiyuus. You can download it by clicking the title.

  1. Bink Sake (song they sing at the end of Thriller bark)
  2. Oretachi Wa Family 
  3. We Are (opening 1 – Straw Hat Pirate Crew version)

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