So, is this mean NaruHina canon?

Ok, answering my own question, I guess the answer was yes. At the latest Naruto chap, we could see so many NaruHina (Naruto and Hinata) moments (and it was an intense one in my point of view). The first page opened with Naruto still in shock of Neji‘s death (poor Neji). Obito add the guilt with the classic preach (You fail in protecting your friend, Bwa ha ha ha – sort of). Naruto seems down, obito seems confident (and actually hoping Naruto to answer. I think Obito actually wants Naruto reassure him?). Then “SLAP”(literally), Hinata show her love by slapping Naruto right on the cheek (I don’t mean sarcasm here). Yup, with Hinata’s slap Naruto seems back to his conscious and rather hearing Obito ridicule, he start to listen Hinata’s words of courage. And that’s my friend, was my plus point to Hinata.

Honestly, I never taking seriously any pairing in Naruto (not even Kusina and Minato – don’t glare at me, please) because you see, for me Naruto always be a shōnen, so even though there would a little bit romance here and there, once again, TO ME it’s just for fan service. But because Kishimito still add them right here and there (lately, I really love saying right here and there, hehe), I really don’t mind them. But then I saw some people quietly insist SasuNaru (Sakura and Naruto), it kinda pisses me off (just a little bit compare to the IchiOri fan).

I know this pairing will become canon after seeing Hinata cheer Naruto before his fight with Neji at Chunin Exam. You see, Naruto is the kind of hero that usually find his own resolve in the end. So, seeing him being push to his best by the female character, difinitely means something, right? And that was what Kishimoto tried to show us through Hinata.

Hinata’s development as a character is in par with Naruto (not the power-wise of course. It was like that she is prepared for the latest chapter. And it really works, I guess coz it seems natural for her to do so.

And the most important thing was how our hero – Naruto himself, react to Hinata’s words. He remember what Neji’s said before his death “Hinata sama will sacrifice her life for you” kind of. It means Naruto finally realize how deep Hinata’s care for him. And this was proven by how he held her hand in the last page.

So, I guess after this chapter any war between NaruHina and NaruSaku will end, because I think it’s finally the time for everyone to accept the winner – and thats by all means is NaruHina – even though, I still prefer SasuNaru all the way of course (hehe, fangirl dream)

Naruto 615 - Page 17

Oh yeah, side note! I prefer Hinata in short hair I guess, it will look better in the last page when Hinata’s hair got up by the chakra, I GUESS!

So how about your answer?


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3 thoughts on “So, is this mean NaruHina canon?”

  1. Sakura doesn’t deserve Naruto’s love, because she bullies him. And bullying a person is not true love, it’s just physical abuse. Hinata was truly the only person who cared about Naruto in first place because she realized Naruto never gave up and continuously went on with his training, and his ambition to become Hokage. And there’s more: Sakura’s confession to Naruto was nothing than a lie. The hell with you, Sakura, I hate you. I hate you more than Vegeta.

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