Ichigo Knows Rukia’s Butt

yup…..yup…ichirukiers, to me, there was a slight ichiruki moment in bleach 519 – a butt was floating on the hot spring (where was the Ichiruki in that?)! well, here it was:

Ok, so the sequence was like this. first, we saw byakuya‘s head floating out of nowhere and then hot spring royal-guard guy pulled renji’s head – we all know it was renji from his hair, of course. then, the next panel, Ichigo was screaming “rukia too”. I had to see it twice to make sure where was rukia because by one look, all I see was a drowning head and a big peach (hehehe). then I realise it was rukia’s butt and one thing that cross my mind was “oh wow, ichigo recognize rukia by her butt“. really, it give me huge grin on my lips. and at the last panel, is that a shōnen blush ichigo have there – Hehe *wink*

Bleach 519 - Page 13


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