One Piece is Better Than Naruto?

Actually I come across this question while I’m trying to find out what people think about these two great mangas. I read most of the opinion and agree and disagree on some. Want to drop my own two cent on this matter on that thread but too lazy to make an account and I’m afraid my two cent will be a million, so lets just put it here since it was so lonely.

A little bit warning! Everything you read below will be all my personal opinion, preference and statement and since adducing opinion is one of the basic human rights (I think), please free to state otherwise but please keep every discussion (If there’s any) in civil and polite manner.  Oh one more thing, I’m not a native English speaker so please pardon if you happen to find misspelled words or wrong grammar. Thank you 🙂

Okay, first of all, for your information, I read both One Piece and Naruto, from the start till the recent (for Naruto, it’s the end) I watch the anime for both and skip filler. I’ll just talk about the manga though since it was the ultimate canon. Both are great manga but to me One Piece is the best.

So, like I said, I write this after I read some people’s opinion about One Piece and Naruto and one of them being “Naruto has more good and deep stories” (something like that). Honestly it surprised me when I read this kind of comment, I was like



I must have a say in this, since the story telling/plot is my top reason for putting One Piece above any manga. I think people who stated Naruto has a lot more deep story/plot than One Piece, definitely didn’t/never follow/read One Piece as a whole. And if it is so, that kind of judgmental statement isn’t right, right?  They probably just skipping things in manga or watch the anime partly. Because I think people who follow One Piece from the star until now will know best how amazing Oda built its plot. An example for me, Dragon, Luffy’s father. We first met him in Logue Town, where Luffy first set off. I seriously thought he was a bad guy eventhough he help Luffy. And following One Piece after that, I actually almost forgot that that guy was exist then Oda reveal that he was actually Lufffy’s father at the end of Water Seven saga, which is after a lot of chapters and other developments. One more example is Robin. When the Arabasta Arc ended, never cross my mind that Robin could be one of the Straw Hat crew. Then come her flashback stories that connected to ultimate weapon any many other.

I love how Oda delivers it because it doesn’t have this kind of a thrown-out-off-nowhere-facts feels to it not like a lot of fact revealed on Naruto (The recent world war? anyone?). In One Piece, when there was a big issue revealed, mostly it was mentioned before, way way chapters before. It kinda make me “Oh, so that’s how it is?” and in Naruto, most of the time it made me goes “Eh, why it suddenly comes to this?”

As of now, One Piece has reach 769 chapters and there’s still a lot more mystery un revealed (The ‘D’, World Government, bad marines goal, the destructive weapon, Roger past, One Piece treasure, etc) I put my trust in Oda he would never pass any of this matter without full epic/step by step explanation. And this is my ultimate reason why I chose One Piece as my no 1 favorite. When you read the synopsis or only the first half of the manga, you’ll be like, “Oh, it just the usual adventure manga with predictable arc (help people, defeat the annoying bad guy etc) but like I said, if you want to give a fair judgment, read it as whole, from the start to recent one. I don’t know, I dare you to do that and say One Piece plot is suck etc. I only say this because I also read Naruto (as a whole, from start till end).

I honestly love Naruto before shipudden and first half of shippuden (I think I got fed up when the ‘hatred’ matter got the spotlight. I like Naruto as much as I like Luffy. I take the pre shippuden Naruto as role model. I mean, I love his whole attitude of being a talentless boy work hard to be acknowledge. How he never give up and how he stand on his Ninja way etc. I even made the ost. as my life ost, help me a lot during my high school. I really look up to him at that time but after shippuden, when he so focus on ‘bring back Sasuke no matter what’ (I know, to Naruto, cannot save your friend means unqualified to be Hokage) but, I don’t know how or why, the feeling isn’t the same anymore, I don’t know what to look up anymore (this just personal opinion though).

as for One Piece and Luffy, until now the feeling never change and the interest is always there. Yes, One Piece is more arc-ly and the end is predictable (Luffy owns the big boss) if you read it half-ly, but are’n all the main heroes owned the big boss? and if you read all of the arc wholly, One Piece arc actually always connected, it is devised to reveal the secret little by little (Gold Roger, the ultimate weapon, One Piece etc) and in my opinion they were all led to the big war (Marine vs Pirates/world government) and at the end probably One Piece treasure.

in Naruto, I always can see how he’ll become hokage, how he can make everyone around him inspire with his way of Ninja. For Luffy, I know he’ll become a pirate king in awesome way. Make his name and crew known island by island, gather his crew and gain friends and enemy arc by arc with power, word, and attitude. We can’t compare them in this area though since they are a very different story line. But since Naruto series has met it’s end, I can say, the journey is not as awesome as I imagine. If only all the reason/enemy for Naruto last big war, somehow reveal little by little in any way possible in earlier chap and not as rushed as it is now, I probably won’t be this dissaponted or if Kishimoto sensei could make some little arc that shows Naruto is an awesome Hokage, than just a peaceful epilog. But all in all these just an opinion.

for characterization too. for me, One Piece is still in Upper hand in this. Honestly, manga with a lot of character and new one thrown here and there, is not to my taste. I totally made exception for One Piece. I don’t know how to do it, One Piece has a lot more character than Naruto (For me) and threw a lot more new characters (in every arc) but I never feels that the manga is full of character and throw in out of nowhere just like *cough* Bleach *cough* Naruto *cough*. Yes, there’s probably dozens of character in every arc in One Piece but somehow some of them probably have connection from the past arc. Take Arlong in the early chap. We hear a little about the fishman island there. Later on we have Tom in Water Seven and introduced with Jinbei. Then comes the fishman Island and Oda didn’t forget to connect the incident in fishman island with arlong which I probably forget if they didn’t mention.  This works for everyone in One Piece. Any character play a part and purposes, they’re not just an in and out character. Once their in, they never out. I never expected, Norman the Liar (I’m not sure it was the name, to lazy to look up), the person who found Jaya island will be brought back again in Dressrosa. I think everything is connected. The awesome thing is, the hint is all over but we cannot see the whole picture before Oda sensei lets us.

Oh, I also read something like “there’s no one died in One Piece but Naruto is more real, since people died there”. I just can’t with this reasoning. Since when dead people count make this work better than that works? I don’t know bout other people but every time Luffy defeat the bad guy, never once I thought, he defeat them to dead. So seeing the defeated guy in a later arc, isn’t really surprise me honestly. And some even stated that Oda kills off Ace and White Beard to show that characters died in One Piece to. I mean seriously, do some people (if they actually read One Piece from the start till now) actually think Oda would kill off awesome character for that trivial reason. As far as know, character who still live in One Piece universe till now, still has a part play and those who died, their dead that play a part to story. For Ace to realize that a lot of people care for him, will die to save/protect him. For Luffy to make him stronger and as for White Beard, we see Black Beard to start his ere as being a yonkou.

And for the emotional story. Which some of manga lover stated One Piece has nothing. I cry more for One Piece than Naruto. I think I only shed tears on Jiraiya and Itachi’s dead (which is useless for the letter since they bring him from death – people like him the most) So, once again, I dare to say that people who claim this, seriously only read One Piece halfway or only watch the cut on youtube. I cry almost on everyone’s flashback. most of time the story is just about the same injustice story but it never fails to make me shed tear nevertheless. In the latest arc, when I though I got used to it, it still sad reading Corazon’s story. I mean, come on, when Robin said she wants to live, during Going Marry funeral, Usop depart and comeback to the crew, when Kuma separate the crew in Seabody, Ace’s death, etc. In my opinion, One Piece still owned this.
Ah, one more thing, which become my favorite in One Piece that (IN MY OPINION) still lack on Naruto. The friendship. Please argue with me on this matter. The bond between Luffy and his crew mate, the other character, heck even with the enemy, FOR ME, is a lot more stronger than thus Naruto with Sasuke and the other. In One Piece, every bonds is mutual. (a captain for the crew, vice versa). In Naruto everyone seems so One Sided. Sasuke —-> itachi/hatred/revenge. Sakura —–> Sasuke. Hinata/every good guy —-> Naruto —-> Sasuke = Hokage. I got fed up when this shown to much. Heck, often I even joke that they should change the tittle from ‘Naruto’ to ‘Sasuke’ (and ‘Bleach’ to “The Ultimate Ichigo’ lol where that come from). I love it when all rookie 9 (Shikamaru and the other) was so into protecting Naruto because it shows that among all, Naruto has finally worth that he actually made people likes him but he just all gung ho on Sasuke. I can totally see NaruSasu in yaoi but but the closer the bond in One Piece I can’t never picture them in yaoi or shoujo frame. Respect, loyalty, compassion, love, care, justice, love, are stronger in One Piece, in my opinion. Naruto has all these things too of course, it’s just Naruto —-> Sasuke overshadowed any other possible strong friendsippy. Like the one with Sai. After introducing as some one with problem of making real friend that finally what it means to have friend through Naruto, problem arises, I barely notice him even though he’s there.

But, there still one thing that Naruto has best than One Piece. The fights. It doesn’t mean One Piece fighting scene is bad. Not at all. It’s just I think, the fighting strategy in Naruto often make me awe like “wow, he actually think that way”. In One Piece, the character usually more powered up in strength. Haki was just cool for me.

For the art part, it’s actually relative. I like it, you might not. For these two mangas, I have no problem with both. So for conclusion, One Piece definitely has the best story telling/plot. Naruto might come in second. Mmm, no. I’ll put Hunter x Hunter right below One Piece, Hikaru no Go (it’s still shonen though, hehe), FMA (minus the last part), Samurai X, Gintama, Eureka 7, and etc (I seriously don’t know where to put Naruto and Bleach)

Well, I’m tired, so I think that’s all for now. Thank you for reading 🙂



Baby Next Door

Sekarang sudah memasuki hari ketiga libur musim panasku. Sayang, aku sama sekali belum bisa menikmatinya seperti liburanku yang lalu. Alasannya, karena aku terlalu lelah keesokan harinya. Sudah seminggu ini bayi laki-laki keluarga Kingsley, Andrew, menangis dengan sangat keras setiap malamnya. Kami sekeluarga yang berada tepat di samping rumah mereka sama sekali tidak bisa tidur malam dengan nyenyak. Ayah dan Ibuku juga terlihat kelelahan, padahal mereka berdua harus bekerja esok harinya.

Keluarga Kingsley terdiri dari Tuan dan Ny. Kingsley serta kedua orang putranya, George (7 tahun) dan Bayi Andrew (8 bulan). Ibu Tuan Kingsley, Ny. Mary Ann sebelumnya juga tinggal bersama mereka, tapi beberapa bulan sebelum menantunya melahirkan Andrew, dia pindah ke panti jompo. Dan malangnya, sehari sebelum George -cucu kesayangannya- merayakan ulang tahun yang ke tujuh, tepatnya tiga minggu yang lalu, Ny. Mary Ann yang diizinkan berkunjung ke rumah untuk perayaan, jatuh di kamar mandi dan kepalanya membentur sisi bathtub. Dia dibawa ke rumah sakit dan sampai sekarang masih koma. Walaupun aku tidak terlalu suka pada Ny. Mary Ann karena perangainya yang kasar dan tidak ramah, aku kasihan juga dengan kondisinya yang sekarang.

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Manga Update Review: One Piece 746

Have to repeat this each time I make a review. For everyone’s sake.

Warning! A not English native speaker here. That’s why, please understand if you find any grammatical error. Oh, and Please put this in mind that these reviews based on my personal point of view. If anyone disagree, feel free to tell me your opinion. Just remember to use the proper language (Be polite and friendly) so that everyone will be happy at the end. Ok!

One Piece 746: Stars at

Ah, been a while since my last review ne? I got free time now and an urge to write something. Plus, One Piece is getting the climax and I’m totally excited.

Now, onto the review.  Last week chapter 745 ended with Dressrosa  covered in Dofla’s Bird Cage. I kinda didn’t see that coming actually and the fact that Dofla could actually control all people in Dressrosa  like marionette, totally slip my mind. That ability is awesome of course and I’m curious how it’s going to play out in the next chapter (this chapter, chapter 746) and just how it should be/I’m afraid of, people start killing/intend to kill  each other against their will (the marines are no exception). Just like what happened to King Riku. Fortunately, by facing the same thing like their former king, Dressrosa’s citizen finally understand what’s going on in the past.

Then Dofla announce this hunting game (some people said it kinda have Hunger Game vibe in it. Haven’t watch or read Hunger Game, so no comment on that) instead of trying to kill him, Dofla is offering something interesting. Still accusing the Straw Hat Pirate and their ally (Sabo, Law, Kinemon, Rebecca, King Riku, Ex-Soldier san (Rebbeca’s father), and Viola) as the convict of all chaos in Dressrosa, Dofla gave the 12 of them stars represents how much Bery people can get if they killed them. One star equal 100.000.000 Bery (wonder how’s Namy’s reaction if she was there lol)

Franky, Viola, Robin, Kinemon, Rebecca got one star, Rebecca’s father and Zoro got two stars (I think Zoro at least should on the same line with Luffy but since this was from Dofla’s view and since the ones who irritate him the most are the one with the most stars, that’s probably why Zoro just on two stars). Luffy, Law, Sabo, and King Riku on three stars line (they’re all the head of the group anyway). And LOL “GOD” Usop has five stars. Dofla seriously pissed with him. Just when Usop being thankful he’s not included in the hunting game, Dofla generously gave him five stars. It’s understandable though since Usop is really the one who start the chaos by successfully returning all the toy to their human form. And I’m actually quite curious whether Usoland (according to the dwarf) is just as comic relief or actually someone important from the past who somewhat has connection to Usop. If I’m not mistaken, I was thinking about that guy who found the island on Jaya that flew up to the sky (I forget his name. It was Norman or something). I don’t know why I was thinking about Jaya and sky island the first time we introduced to the dwarf and their story about the “Usoland Hero”.

About the whole game thingy, actually I’m a bit confused. Why Dofla didn’t just use all people in Dressrosa right now (including the marines) to just directly attacking Luffy and Co. Why using the game (It would be more interesting with the game of course). I think Dofla is just a psycho like that, ne? And the pirate/scum who after money probably did that for the prize while the citizen was controlled by Dofla, right? I’m confused here. And about the SAD factory, is it been destroyed yet? I’m skipping few chapter since I was so busy and have no time to read each panel too deeply. they haven’t destroy it , right?

Anyway, back to Dressrosa. So the ones who sincerely goes with Dofla’s game were bunch of pirate that after money while the citizen doing it against their will and the marines goal is just  Luffy and his crew. Another complicated battle ahead people.

So, for now, straw hat assembly, Luffy, Zoro, Law, King Riku, and Violet are together. Robin, Franky, Sabo, Rebecca, Usop, and The Dwarfs are together, right? Somewhere below the arena or the factory (should wait for Oda Sensei’s mapping). Luffy made promise to Rebecca to make sure to protect his father (who is wondering alone now) and kicks Doflamingo’s ass. Meanwhile, Law have some sort of doubt to eliminate Dofla since it means all Kaidou’s anger will fall on them (Just face it dear Law, your  original plan has been long gone since you let Luffy on his own device). And I actually quite surprise with Luffy’s response on this. I was hoping he will like “I don’t care about the emperor, I just want to kick that pink bird for hurting people”. Well, that kind of response, you know. But no, and I think Oda made Luffy mature enough to actually thinks that he/they should think about that later instead of his usual bragging. The important thing now is to safe that poor country. Zoro readily understand this and being long enough as Luffy’s companion, Law agrees too.  And with that, Luffy’s group bearing 12 total stars with them went straight to the palace while the others (at least for now) are trying their best to survive the game. Especially *cough* god *cough* Usop.

And I’m bit curious with Kinemon San’s friend too. Somehow, I feel he’s someone who is going to play some part on One Piece later on (Well, this is One Piece, everyone has special role in it)

Oh, have I tell you I love Sabo lol. I kinda like his character, remind me of Ace. Eventhough he just newly introduced as the mature Sabo, He just fit in. And the fanboy, He should be the president of Straw Hat Pirate fans club. I was just “I feel you man” the whole time he’s fanboying Ennies Lobby incident lol.

Regarding the four emperor. Somehow I could see Big Mama and Shanks on Luffy’s side while Kurohige and Kaidou on World Government side. Don’t forget we still missing Sanji, Brook, Nami and Chopper and if I’m not lost in some chapter, they are somewhat come across with Big Mama (her crew) right? And Caesar is with them, right? So, I’m also curious with their situation now. Are they abducted or somewhat make some sort of agreement or will Big Mama and the rest of Straw Hat will join in Dressrosa war? One Piece and it’s flow though. It’s nice, isn’t it?

I guess that’s all for now. Really hope can make my review weekly this time around. And if anyone interested in discussing this chapter, just leave your comment.

Thank you for reading 🙂


  • Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 (UUD 1945)

UUD 1945 dirancang oleh BPUPKI sebelum kemerdekaan bangsa indonesia diproklamasikan. Rancangan itu kemudian disahkan oleh PPKI menjadi kostitusi negara republik Indonesia. UUD 1945 disahkan sebagai langkah untuk menindaklanjuti proklamasi kemerdekaan RI. Begitu kemerdekaan diproklamasikan, Indonesia lahir sebagai negara. Sebagai negara, dengan sendirinya Indonesia harus memiliki konstitusi untuk mengatur kehidupan ketatanegaraannya. Untuk itu, UUD 1945 disahkan menjadi konstitusi. Sebagai konstitusi negara, UUD 1945 berisi hal-hal prinsip tentang negara Indonesia. Hal-hal itu diantaranya mencakup dasar negara, tujuan negara, bentuk negara, bentuk pemerintah, sistem pemerintahan dan pembagian kekuasaan. Dari hal-hal pokok ini, empat yang terakhir yakni : bentuk negara, bentuk pemerintahan, dan sistem pemerintahan.

Menurut UUD 1945 bentuk negara Indonesia adalah kesatuan. Hal ini sesuai dengan pasal 1 ayat (1). Dengan bentuk kesatuan,kekuasaan negara dikendalikan atau dipegang oleh pemerintah pusat. Namun, pemerintah puasat dapat menyerahkan sebagian urusannya kepada pemerintah daerah disebut sebagai desentralisasi. Sebagai negara kesatuan, Indonesia menggunakan dan mengembangkan sistem desentralisasi seperti yang diatur dalam pasal 18 UUD 1945. Setiap daerah bersifat otonom, yakni memiliki wewenang untuk mengatur urusannya sendiri. Tetapi, hal ini menyangkut masalah administrasi belaka, serta tidak menjadikan daerah sebagai “ negara” yang tersendiri. Di dalam wilayahnya Indonesia tidak akan memiliki daerah yang bersifat staat (negara)-tidak akan ada “negara” didalam negara.

Daerah-daerah Indonesia dibagi kedalam daerah provinsi dan daerah provinsi akan dibagi pula menjadi daerah yang lebih kecil yang masing-masing memiliki otonomi. Pembagian atas daerah-daerah otonomi ini dilakukan dengan undang-undang. Di setiap daerah yang bersifat otonom dibentuk badan perwakilan/permusyawaratan rakyat karena pemerintahan daerah pun akan menjalankan prinsip permusyawaratan (musyawarah) yang demokratis. Continue reading →